Passing your Aviation Medical exam

Hello again flying friends and welcome
to another episode of. Now pilots don’t always live a life of glamour it’s not
always flying to amazing destinations working with awesome people playing
around with brilliant planes sometimes there’s the administrative side of being
a pilot and that’s exactly what we’re doing today because today it’s time for
my class two aviation medical. Now obviously I can’t film inside the
medical center but what I’m going to do is going to pop in now I’m doing a class
two medical that’s for a private pilot’s license not
the class one that you’d need for your commercial license. My appointments in a
few minutes time and once that’s done then I’ll come back out here and I’ll
give you a bit of a rundown of what actually you need to do when you’re
getting your class two medical. So let’s jump inside I’m already a few minutes
late I’ve got a register as well and let’s see what we have to do. Okay that’s
clearly the wrong building so let’s jump inside the right building and let’s get
this medical done One hour later. That actually went very
well that’s renewed for another two years
let’s put though let’s put our 6000 feet on the altimeter let’s head back home
I’ll let you know exactly what happened in there. The very first thing that’s going to happen is you’re going to get an email
from CASA telling you that you’re due for your new medical. Now if you’ve
already got an existing medical you’ll get the reminder email that comes
through if this is the first time then you’re gonna have to apply through the
CASA website and in there there’s a whole host of information. It’s actually
really good lots of FAQs. When you’re ready to go ahead and book that’s when
you want to find your local D A M E or DAME which is your designated
aviation medical examiner. Now the CASA website has a list of DAMEs and you can view that by location. So find your nearest one however before
you do that what you’ll need to do is fill out the questionnaire on the CASA
website which is a detailed set of questions asking you about your medical
history any complications that you’ve had any history of certain diseases or
illnesses in your family and it also just gives your DAME your medical
examiner or a bit of a heads-up on the state of your health before you turn up
for your appointment. And then you’ll start to go through the tests themselves
now these vary depending on several things typically your age and the type
or the class of medical exam that you’re going for but your tests will go through
a range of different things they’ll be checking your eyesight your hearing your
heart rate will be monitored blood pressure you may be required to do a
urine sample Bloods might be taken and tested and your basic body measurements
will be taken as well such as your height and weight. Now once that’s all
done if you need to be referred to another doctor that can sometimes happen
I know from my commercial pilot’s license I had to go to a separate person
to get my eyesight and my hearing checked but it can also be done in in
one day in one place with one person like it was for me today. Then at the end
of the medical exam the doctor is going to ask you a couple of additional
questions you need to make a basic declaration and then once you’ve paid
your fees to the doctor and CASA you’ll end up with one of these. If
you’ve got a medical coming up if it’s your first or if it’s a renewal to
things that I want you to remember. First of all be honest always be honest with
any questionnaire that you’re filling out online and any questions that the
doctors asking you in the medical exam itself. On the subject of honesty I’ll
let you into a little behind-the-scenes secret one of the questions on the
aviation medical questionnaire from the CASA website is have you recently been to see a physiotherapist to which I had to say yes
because I had a minor back strain. The reason why I had a minor back strain was
because I fell off this. Yes I know what you’re thinking the doctor said the same
thing he said what’s someone at your age doing on a skateboard? But, doesn’t everyone on YouTube have a skateboard? Anyway. Where were we? Remember as pilots it’s
our responsibility to make sure that we’re able to take an aircraft from A to
B in the safest possible way if you have a concern about whether the answer
you’re gonna give may potentially jeopardize whether you’re gonna pass
that exam or not talk to your local governing authority before you go ahead
with your medical exam. And secondly my final bit of advice and especially for
you guys who are doing this for the first time is it might seem like a huge
massive scary thing but it’s not. At the end of the day you’re gonna get a
checkup which you probably wouldn’t have done anyway so you’re gonna get some
great feedback on your current state of health and as long as you stay fit and
healthy and you don’t do anything stupid and you answer the questions honestly
your medical exam it’s just gonna be another thing you tick off on your route
to becoming a pilot. And that leads us to our Flyday Facts question. And the
question today and leave your answer in the comments below is what advice would
you give to someone who’s just about to do their first aviation medical? Alright
well thank you as always I hope you found that useful thanks for watching
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