Pasadena, TX Family Medicine Physician Dr. Jeffrey Smith

– Hi, I’m Dr. Jeff Smith. I’m a family medicine physician here at Kelsey-Seybold. I think a large part of my practice is just sitting and listening to patients because I think the number
one for patient priority is they just want to be heard. And so I’m here to listen. It’s my goal to let the patient talk to me and at the same time, provide the counseling
and advice that they need. And empowering them to be the healthiest person that they can be. I was drawn to family medicine because I love relationships. And I like treating all ages, I like treating all conditions. I like being the
jack-of-all-trades doctor. When patients come in with a problem, or they come in and they’re in pain or they’re sick and being able to discuss the best treatment options, the latest information, the different chronic health
conditions with patients, whether that’s high blood pressure, or their diabetes and really emphasizing how taking some steps
now can really prevent a lot of harm in the future. So it’s great to have specialists nearby that just need a quick curbside consult. You can talk to them
and get their expertise on what’s going on and so, especially in a town as big as Houston, it can be really inconvenient to go from one place to do your lab to the
next place to do your X-ray. Any time that a patient
can have a one-stop shop where they can get everything
done and in and out the door, that’s what we want to do and just make it as convenient for patients as possible. With MyKelseyOnline, different apps that we have available on the phone, it just makes access to
this care convenient. I think Kelsey does it really well and brings the easy
access that patients need right to their phones. One of my greatest joys
is to have a patient come and then come back to me and see the progress that they’ve made and working on how we can
take that next step together. We really appreciate you
coming and seeing this.

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