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The challenges are getting and keeping a quality
employee. It’s finding somebody that wants to work. My experience with finding and recruiting
good employees has not been great. I need individuals who are experienced, talented,
hard workers. Vocational rehab would have the representative
come out and talk to us about what our needs were, what we kind of wanted to see in an
employee to start with, and that really, right there, sets the foundation of a good relationship.
[music] The flexibility of being able to get an employee
pretty quickly, hire someone, interview someone very quickly, and it being really a good match. They could help us with an applicant who had
training and would fit into a slot that we had and work with our employees and with our
community. You’ve got some guys here that VR referred
that they show up before anybody else does. They’re on time, they help open up the place.
They kind of think out of the box, looking for a greater opportunity for us. And so they
become part of our team, and we enjoy that. I think I had a meeting with Roxanne. Just
in talking to her, just explaining to her what we needed and all that, and she had a
pretty good understanding of what we needed as an employee. I have to wear every hat here. We don’t have
the luxury of a human resource office, so we have to do it ourselves. VR has helped
us, come along side of us, take some of the responsibility off of us so that saves us
time.They’re bringing us the candidates that they think will fit in a particular position. David came with a lot of skill set with operating
heavy equipment, which fit right in. Vocational Rehab is pretty complete on screening their
individuals, and I do believe they’re plenty willing to work with the employer. I met Peggy through a networking event. Within
a couple of weeks, I contacted her and got the process started, because I was actually
needing individuals. Time savings, cost savings, and efficiency
is huge for me, because as a business owner, I’m very, very busy. I’m growing sales. I’m
managing employees. I fit a personal life in there every now and again. With VR, all
I have to do is pick up the phone and call one individual, and I can have people that
I’m interviewing in a couple of days. The company’s cash flow at the time was very
low and to take on a risk of hiring employees and them not working out was not thrilling
to me. So to have someone come to me with this opportunity was almost like we didn’t
have to take any risks. I first spoke with Frances from Vocational
Rehab. She was just saying that she had worked with some applicants, and she had one that
she thought may fit. We were looking for people who had some hands-on experience with IT support,
that had enough knowledge from the educational end that could back up that ability to help
the staff and to provide that support. Vocational Rehab was able to do that for us.
Especially in DeWayne’s case, that was also just right in the middle of where we were
looking. He has a very good attitude. He has a servant attitude, like we request all of
our employees to have. And as far as his disability, it really hasn’t
been an obstacle at all in his day to day work. I’ve had this hearing impairment all of my
life. I pretty much know how to function; this is “normal” hearing to me. I fit in here,
and I know what things I need to do to be sure that I’m accommodating my hearing loss.
If I’m in a meeting, I make sure I’m sitting where I can see everybody in the room and
things like that. Graystone has not had to make any special accommodations for me.
I enjoy the fact this position also let’s me go interact with people, fix whatever needs
to be done on their PC. I do spend a lot of what they call face time with them. We had
one of our employee evaluations just recently, and I think the highest evaluation they gave
me was in the interpersonal relationship area: my getting along with people, being positive,
smiling, helping them out, being first in line to take care of things. That’s what I
enjoy. I’m here to serve people. We have four satellite offices and the main
office, and he does go to these other satellite offices on occasion to help with IT support
there. He’s very important to us. Oh, I would recommend Vocational Rehab to
other businesses in the community. They do a pre-screening, and they do a little bit
of our job for us, and then they’re always there if we need them, if we have questions. This support from VR is important as we continue
the communication on potential employees. Oh, we’re going to continue to work with VR.
I mean, the people that are employed by VR are good people and they are sincere in their
efforts to try to find somebody. There are going to be spots opening, and I’m
going to need experienced individuals. Our relationship continues as the business continues.
They will be and always will be the first individuals that I would contact when needing
to hire employees for my company.

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