Part 3 of “Subtle is the New WOW!” by Dr. Phil Hong Nguyen of Happy Clinic

Hi everyone this is Dr. Phil Nguyen with
Happy Clinic Denver thank you for joining us today for another episode of
subtle is the new Wow now we have here Jessica she is 38 years
old and she’s actually a bodybuilder and a
fitness model she was a contestant for the Mrs. Colorado pageant recently and
Happy Clinic was happy to sponsor her for that so I did a makeover for Jessica
as you can see we started off doing a little bit of her brown spots here
with our BBL/IPL yes she does have a little bit of makeup on in this picture
but you can see her brown spots are a lot lessened secondly we also did a
little bit of Botox in her glabella and as well as her crow’s feet
but the biggest dramatic difference that you see in this picture is actually we
did some fillers we actually did about seven syringes of filler for her so
believe it or not that’s seven syringes there I did two syringes of voluma, one
on each side of her cheeks to really lift and to pull up as you can see she
has some nicer fullness on each cheek here I also did some Juvederm Ultra Plus
in her temples her temples are fuller on this side and in the after picture I
also did some Ultra Plus in and around her anterior middle cheek quadrant as
well as a nasolabial fold and some in the marionettes too one of the neat
things that you’ll see in this before and after picture is if you notice her
jaw line right here how it isn’t really straight it kind of comes in and then it
comes out this way but you look at her jaw line over here it’s actually very
straight and that’s because we actually did some Juvederm Ultra Plus in her
marionette and in her chin right here as well as a little bit in her jaw line
back here as well to kind of pull and lift
this way and last but not least we also augmented her lips a little bit as well
so we gave her some Juvederm a regular Juvederm Ultra in the lips the pictures
were taken actually about a couple of months apart once everything has been settled down and I
think she as you would probably agree with me I think she looks fabulous very
very natural she does look a little bit of her age right here but here she looks
spectacularly younger maybe even about ten years younger one of the things I
also notice about Jessica in general is because she works out a lot and she has
very low body fat she is the way that her face is shaped it’s a little bit
squared and it is a little bit more masculine so masculine faces tend to be
more squared whereas feminine faces tend to be more ovoid if you look at that
jawline right here you can see how square that is we actually made her face
a little bit more oval and how we did that is with a little bit of voluma here
in her cheeks to kind of lift that higher and we also place a little bit of
Botox right here in her masseter muscles or her jaw muscles to shrink that muscle
and thereby create more of an oval looking face which is more feminine so I
often do that for a lot of my patients who are transitioning from male to
female because they have very masculine faces some Asian patients have also very
square jaws that they want to shrink down to make their faces more oval so
anyways thanks for tuning in today with Happy Clinic Denver this is Dr. Phil
Nguyen for another segment of our subtle is the new wow. Take care! Bye!

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