Part 1/3 – Better Health, Together: GP Urgent Care

LEARNE: I’d be really interested to hear about why from your perspective the GP urgent care clinics are critically important going forward. ROGER: Yeah well, and this project drips in all the values we talked about in the Sustainable Health Review. This is about making sure people get the care they need, where they live, when they need it. It’s about breaking down the silos, working together better for a better
outcome for the patients. We made a commitment at the last election and we
believe that there is a better way to treat patients. They need urgent care but don’t need the fully fledged facilities of an emergency department, so we’ve been working since getting elected on what that model looks like and the
great outcome that we’ve managed to achieve has been possible because we’ve partnered with yourselves at the Primary Health Alliance, with the College of GPs, with the AMA, with the College of Emergency Medicine. Everyone working together about what’s the best outcome for the patient so it’s been a great exercise.

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