Parkinson’s Rehab Power Up: Biodex Technology at Emory Brain Health Center

My name is Ken McDonald. I’ve had Parkinson’s for four years,
I was diagnosed four years ago. All in all, it’s hard to control. You can only work around it. My specialty here at Emory Healthcare is treating people with movement disorders. We have some of the best movement disorder specialists in the country. Our gym is state-of-the-art with amazing equipment that I can use to really challenge my patients. Mr. McDonald is 64 years old. He came to me with a lot of difficulty with his walking, with his posture. He was very forward in his walking and posture which was leading him to fall a lot. So the harness system is great for him. We can put the harness on. He’s attached to the ceiling. We can do walking. We can do balance, and it really boosts his confidence that he’s not going to fall. We progressed to working on walking and balance. We noticed his stiffness started to decrease, his posture started to improve and his falls were decreasing. If I learned anything from Amy, it’s power up. To be straight. The last thing in the world you want to do is look like somebody who has Parkinson’s

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