Parham Doctors’ Hospital – Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

(inspiring music) – Hi, my name is Roger Giordano. I’m the Medical Director
of Parham Doctors’ Hospital rehabilitation
in-patient program. I’m a physiatrist by training. That is a specialty
that works with patients with both chronic and acute disabilities. I work with a team of
therapists, counselors, and nurses, with a goal
of improving patients’ functional outcome and returning as much as possible to independently. We are a comprehensive in-patient rehabilitation program, so we take people that need both in-patient rehabilitative services, most commonly
from neurologic injury, including stroke, spinal
cord, brain injury, increasingly commonly from people who have disability related to long-term medical conditions and protracted periods of hospitalization, as well as to a lesser degree some orthopedic injuries. – My name is Alicia Ancarrow. I’m a physical therapist and I’m also the Director of the in-patient rehab unit here at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital Parham. On our in-patient rehab unit,
patients will participate in occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy. Upon admission, all three
of these disciplines, or two of the disciplines, will be seeing the patient and working
with the rehabilitation nurse, the medical
director, and case managers to help develop a plan of care. Some of our specialties include certified rehabilitation nurses. We have physical
therapists and occupational therapists that are trained to perform neurodevelopmental techniques. They are also trained in functional muscle stimulation with use of Bioness. And we also have speech therapists who are trained in vital stimulation. – Rehab nurses function as caregivers, teachers, and patient advocates. We’re here for you. When you’re a patient on our rehab unit, your nurse will encourage
you to do as much for yourself as possible,
while offering you support and assistance with the things that you may need help with, from managing medications to assisting
with bathing, dressing, toileting, or even taking care
of any wounds you might have. Our nurses will work
closely with the therapy team to help you reach an individual and personalized care
plan that will enable you to maximize your function. In other words, our goal is your goal. Our goal is to get you home
and get back to your life. – Hi, my name is Anne
Broadhead, and I’m the therapy manager at Parham Doctors’ Rehab. Everyone who comes to
our hospital works daily with a physical therapist and
an occupational therapist. Many patients also work
with a speech therapist or our clinical psychologist. You will receive three hours of therapy six to seven days a week. Most patients arrive in the evening and have time to get
settled, and their therapists meet them the next morning. During your first therapy
session, each therapist will come and spend time
getting to know you, helping you set goals. Our occupational therapists will look at the things that you do every day. Are you having trouble
eating, dressing, bathing, getting to and from the bathroom? Our physical therapists
look at how you move around. Are you having difficulty
getting in and out of a bed, getting in and out of a chair, walking, going up or down stairs? Our speech therapists work with anyone who’s having difficulty
swallowing, speaking, or understanding speech. They also help you with
memory and problem-solving. Our clinical psychologist
helps you with coping mechanisms or adjusting
to being in the hospital. Each morning, either your nurse or your occupational
therapist will help you get up and dressed for breakfast. Breakfast is usually served around 8 a.m. After that, you’ll have therapy scheduled throughout the day
between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. You usually will have
an hour or two to rest before dinner, which is
generally at about 5 p.m. In addition to our physical, occupational, and speech therapists,
we have therapy dogs who come visit us a few times a week. – Hi, I’m Patty Savarie,
one of the case managers on in-patient rehab. The role of the case
manager is to help you plan for a safe discharge. Discharge planning begins
when you come to rehab. We are involved with your family and with the team and
with you as to decisions which need to be made
to get you home safely. – Together, all of our
staff, the therapists, the nurses, the case manager, the medical director, work with you and your family to help you set goals
and to help you get home quickly, safely, and successfully. (inspiring music)

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