Paramedic Sees Miracles in the Ambulance on the Way to the Hospital | Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!

Is there a supernatural
dimension? a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages
from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets
of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of
It’s Supernatural! Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here.
Welcome to my world. My guest was a paramedic in an
ambulance and one day, God speaks to him and says, “I want
you to pray for the sick in the ambulance.” And he doesn’t even
believe in healing, but it’s God, so he starts praying. His first four, 500 people, no
one got healed. And then all of a sudden God
started giving him dreams from Heaven on how to pray for the
sick. He gets something like 80
percent of the people healed now. Anyone interested in those
results? Many of you have read our web
page and blog called “The Praying Medic”. And because he’s on an ambulance
and because he wants to protect the privacy of those people he’s
praying for in those circumstances, he’s used that as
a pen name. He’s never revealed his name. He has never revealed his face
for those obvious reasons. We’ve been after him for two
years. He finally said, “Okay Sid,
we’re going to come on your show.” I want to introduce to
you for the first time, Dave Hayes, otherwise known as The
Praying Medic. So let me tell you kind of a
thumbnail sketch of Dave’s background. Raised Catholic. At 12, he became an atheist. You hated the name of Jesus. Dave: I did. I hated the name of Jesus. Very early on as a teenager I
couldn’t say the name without loathing and disgust. Sid: You’re a paramedic for some
30 years and one Memorial Day, two of your buddies tell you to
read the same book. But you’re not going to have any
time. It’s Memorial Day. Do you know how many calls
medics get on Memorial Day? But this was, I think you were
in the fire department at that time, were you? Dave: I was. Sid: Well you know how many
fires and things happen on Memorial Day. You’ll be too busy to read this
book. The book is called, “Left
Behind”. Do you know how many phone calls
they got at the firehouse that day? None for 48 hours. None. You read the book. What effect did it have on you? Dave: I had to do something. I had 48 hours with no calls. Sid: You’re an atheist. Dave: And I’m an atheist. And I had gotten into some
personal problems with my paramedic partner. My pride had gotten the better
of me and destroyed my friendship. And these guys had said, “Hey,
you might be interested in this book, ‘Left Behind.” And I
thought, I don’t read fiction. And I picked it up and I took it
to the fire station, and I read it. And in the book, the Gospel of
love is in this story, and I started to read it, and I got so
convicted of the sin and the wrong things I had been doing
all my life. And this presence showed up in
the room, the presence of God. I didn’t know what it was at the
time. And he started to speak to me,
and he said, “You know, if you’re such a good person, what
about all these sins that you’ve done, the lies and all this
other stuff.” And I knew that night I had to make a decision. I could literally feel as if I
did not make a decision to follow God that day, I would
spend eternity in darkness. So with a lot of weeping and a
lot of soul searching that night, crying literally on a wet
pillow, and I said, “God, if you are real, give me a voice to
follow and I will follow you.” This voice was blowing through
my soul, this peaceful, serene voice that was speaking to me
about how to treat people with love and compassion, and
kindness, and that was how I met the Lord. Sid: Twenty-five years, Dave had
not had a dream. His wife prays for him and he
has a dream. What did God tell you? Dave: He said to me, “I’m going
to show you what’s wrong with your patients. I want you to pray with them and
when you do, I’ll heal them.” Now the funny thing about this
was just two months earlier I had a disagreement with my wife
about healing and miracles. She insisted healing and
miracles were for today. I said, “No they’re not. I don’t know anyone who’s had a
miracle. I don’t anyone who’s been
healed. I’ve never seen a good
testimony.” So God has a funny sense of humor. A couple months after we have
this argument, he says, “Oh I am doing miracles and I’m going to
do them through you.” Sid: Okay. So what would you do? You would start praying for the
sick. But he prays for hundreds and no
one is healed. But then God started giving you
something like 400 dreams on how simply to pray for the sick. And what results did you start
getting as he started feeding you this simple information? Dave: The dreams that I had
really displayed how wonderful and loving, and good he is to
his kids, because I would come home after praying a week with
everybody in the ambulance. Nobody was healed. Sid: Why did you keep it up,
really? Dave: Because he’d give me
another dream. I would go to sleep, I would
have a dream. I’m praying for people in the
ambulance and they’re getting healed. I’d wake up in the morning and
go, I really don’t want to do this any more. But he kept giving me dreams and
giving me dreams where I was praying for people, and they
were being healed. So I figured eventually if I
keep praying someone is going to get healed. Sid: Now God, when he started
healing people, did God do that other part? He would show you what was wrong
with them? Dave: He did. The first person I ever saw
healed immediately was kind of a strange circumstance. I was on duty in the ambulance. I went into the grocery store to
get a bottle of Gatorade because it was summer and it was hot. And as I’m waiting in line, for
some reason I closed my eyes and I saw in my mind’s eye the word
“headaches”. And I thought, well that’s
strange. And then I saw a picture of a
woman with blond hair, and I was like, okay, I don’t know what
this is. But then I open my eyes and the
woman in the vision was the woman in front of me at the
checkout stand. And so I thought, okay, well
maybe God wants me to pray for her. Dave: Do you happen to have a
headache? Woman: I do have a headache. How did you know that? Dave: Well I’m the one that was
sent from God to heal you. Sid: You prayed for so many
people that weren’t healed. You couldn’t have been very
confident. Dave: I wasn’t. I had no confidence at all. But this was my first word of
knowledge. So the Lord said, “I want to
heal her. You pray for her.” And my faith
just, boom, rocketed up. I had so much faith for healing
at that point, even though the last three, 400 people weren’t
healed. So she had a headache, and she
actually was buying some Tylenol and a bagel so she could take
them, so she could get rid of the headache. Well I prayed for her and her
headache is gone. That was my first miracle. Sid: What did you think, a man
that says God doesn’t do miracles any more, a man that’s
tried and tried, and tried, nothing’s happened. What happened with that first
success inside you, Dave? Dave: It absolutely changed my
life. I started to see more and more
miracles. And then it just grew. The more I kept praying, God
gave me more dreams. He showed some different
techniques. He showed me some obstacles that
people have to healing. Just, he started to give me a
little more revelation about healing works, the dynamics of
it. And as I kept praying for people
I saw more people healed. Sid: I have to tell you, I sat
under your teaching and there’s something supernatural about it. It’s got to be. It comes from God. And right after I sat under your
teaching I went to the grocery store. First three people I prayed for,
I didn’t get 80 percent healed, all three of them were, I don’t
know, it’s something like childlike faith that you teach
from, and that simple teaching. In fact, when we come back,
would you do a little teaching, revelation that God has given
you on how people can be healed. And I can tell you right now,
there’s someone with a back problem and a neck problem,
anything you have bone-wise that is hurting, you test it and see
the goodness of God. You are healed in Jesus name. And when we come back I’m going
to have him teach a little bit of what God showed him. Be right back. We’ll be right back to
It’s Supernatural! We now return to
It’s Supernatural! Sid: So The Praying Medic, Dave
Hayes, is in his ambulance and now he’s getting people healed
of more than headaches. Tell me about the Muslim man
that was in your ambulance. Dave: That was an amazing
encounter that God completely set up. So I went on a call. It was a transfer from one
hospital to another. This man, he had an extensive
health history. He had kidney failure. He was on dialysis. He had a GI bleed that had been
going on for three days and his hematocrit and hemoglobin were
critical. He pretty much almost bled to
death. So the Mercy doctor transfused
six units of blood, called for us to transport him to another
hospital for surgery. So we get him in the ambulance
and I’m looking at his hospital faith sheet and I see that he’s
Muslim, and I thought there’s no way this guy is going to want me
to pray for him. But we’re getting to know each
other and having some conversation. And I said, “Hey, I’d like to
know if I could pray for you.” Dave: I sometimes see people
healed. Man: What do you mean by healed? Dave: I pray for people to be
healed and God heals them. Man: That’s fine. That will be cool. Dave: What’s bothering you the
most right now? Man: I have killer this
headache. Dave: I just prayed for him. I said, I command this headache
to go in Jesus’ name. And I asked him how the pain
was. He said it’s about a 7. I said, I’m going to pray again. I prayed again. After the second time it was
about a 5. I prayed again, it was about a
3. I prayed one more time. Persistence is the key, and he
said all the pain was gone. He said it was gone. And I said, “Well you just
healed by a Jewish carpenter who died 2000 years ago.” He said,
“You’re a Christian, aren’t you?” And I said, “Well yes I
am.” He goes, “You know, there’s something about you Christians. I just want to let you know that
Jesus couldn’t be God.” And I said, “Look, I don’t want to
argue with you about religion. I want to get you healed.” So I
said, “Look, you’ve got some serious bleeding going on. They’re going to do surgery. Can I pray over your abdomen to
be healed?” He said, sure. So I prayed over his abdomen and
he didn’t feel anything different. We dropped him off in the ICU at
the other hospital. A couple of days later on my day
off work, I went into town to check up on some of the patients
I prayed for. I went into his room and I said,
“How are you doing man?” Man: Hey, it’s The Praying Medic. Dave: How are you doing? Man: They’re going to send me
home. Dave: What did they find? Man: Nothing. Dave: I said, “What do you
mean?” He said, “When I got here, they did endoscopy, they
did more CAT scans, they checked my blood. They did everything. They couldn’t find anything
wrong with me as far as my internal bleeding goes. They didn’t do surgery. They made me stay a couple days
to make sure there was nothing wrong with me, but they’re
sending me home because I’m completely healed.” And I said,
“You know what? You need new kidneys. Let me pray for your kidneys.”
Because he was in kidney failure. He was on dialysis. So I prayed for his kidneys. That was probably the most
amazing miracle I had seen in an ambulance. Sid: Well I have to tell you
something. I believe you had fun. Dave: It was great. It was a kick. Are you kidding me? Sid: Now tell you me. You’ve had some 400-plus dreams
from Heaven on how to pray for the sick. Give me one or two nuggets that
are going to help people right this minute. Dave: Well the first thing that
I had to learn was that God has already given me and you, and
all those people all the power, all the authority they need to
heal. So we don’t need to beg God for
healing. We simply, Jesus said, “Go heal
the sick.” He didn’t say, beg my Father to heal the sick. He said, “Go heal the sick. Raise the dead.” So what I do,
what I teach people is just go out and command sickness to
leave. Sid: Command? Dave: Command. I command sickness to leave. I command disease to leave. I command the shoulder to be
healed. I command neck pain to leave. I command bones to be healed,
ligaments healed, nerves healed. You don’t have to know a lot of
anatomy. But to command the body’s
structures to be healed and command sickness to leave is a
great to start. You will see very good results
right away. Sid: You heard you say you just
kept praying. You wouldn’t stop. Is that important? Dave: It is. And one of the other keys to
operating successfully in healing is persistence. Okay. So in Luke, Chapter 11, right
after Jesus taught the disciples how to pray, he taught them how
to persist. Persistence is just something we
have to learn how to do. Sid: Now you teach on a subject. Frankly, I’ve never heard anyone
teach on this subject, and as a matter of fact, for an atheist
that didn’t believe in healing, you come a long way, Dave. Dave: I have had an interesting
journey. Sid: But you teach on something
which I’ve read in the Bible, traveling in the Spirit. Phillip, when he prayed for the
Ethiopian eunuch, the next moment, he was in another city. Tell me what this traveling in
the Spirit is. Dave: So a few years ago, the
Lord started giving me dreams about traveling in the Spirit,
about being picked up and located somewhere else, and
dropped off for whatever his purposes were. It seemed to me that there was a
lot people who were having these experiences, but either they
don’t know that it’s God or they don’t understand the purpose for
it. Sid: You know, you talk about
areas that few talk about, but you make it so simple and it’s
so biblical. Wait until you find out about
the dream that Dave had about our healthcare system. Be right back. We’ll be right back to
It’s Supernatural! We now return to
It’s Supernatural! Sid: Sid Roth here with Dave
Hayes, otherwise known as The Praying Medic. You had a dream about our
healthcare, Obamacare. This is very important to many
people that are watching. What did God show you? Dave: Well basically the dream
suggested that God wants to do something with our healthcare
that is completely different what the government wants for
healthcare. And I think one of the things
that the Lord wants to impress upon us is the fact that we’re
relying too much on insurance companies, on doctors, on the
government to provide healthcare for us when Jesus came to be our
healer. He is raising up an army. There are thousands of people
out there in America, tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of
thousands who are learning to operate in the supernatural. They’re learning about healing,
learning about words of knowledge. They’re learning the kingdom
principles that they need to release healing. If we had 100,000 believers out
there in the world who would just pray for people to be
healed, we could probably close down some hospitals. We probably wouldn’t need as
much healthcare insurance. And I think that’s the Lord’s
heart, is he wants us to rely on him to be our healthcare system. Sid: Here’s the big question I
have for you, Dave. You had an amazing experience. God himself told you to pray for
the sick. Is what you’re learning and
teaching transferable? Can people get the same or
better results than you? You’re getting some 80 percent
healed now. Can people do the same, just the
average person? Dave: I think they can do
better. I’m an average person. I didn’t go to Bible College. I didn’t go to seminary. I work as a paramedic. I work 48 hours a week. I’m an average person. I don’t have any special
anointing. I have a bunch of dreams and I
pray for a lot of people. But anyone can do this. The principles that Jesus gave
us are simple. They’re not complicated. And as we grow and as we
practice I really do believe, I’ve got a lot of testimonies
from people and they said, this is so easy, it’s so simple. Why do people make it
complicated? And I don’t think it needs to be
complicated. Sid: I agree. Could you briefly tell me the
craziest miracle you’ve ever had. Dave: The craziest miracle I’ve
ever had, okay, so a lot of what I do is ministry, is done on
Facebook. I’m connected to a lot of
people. I got a prayer request on
Facebook from a woman who went to a church. Her pastor was in kidney
failure. He had gone into the hospital. The doctors, he was on kidney
medication and he stopped taking his medication because he wanted
to have a show of faith for his congregation that he was going
to be healed. Well he ended up in kidney and
the doctor said, “You’re going to need dialysis. Your kidney is shot.” So she
sent me a prayer request and she said, “Would you please pray for
my pastor.” And I said, sure. That afternoon, I did a short
prayer, a couple of minutes, prayed for him. That night I had a dream. In the dream I saw a man
standing about 20 feet away from me and I knew that he needed a
new kidney. He had a surgical opening in his
side right below his rib cage. I walked over to him. I put my hand inside of his
abdomen. I could feel his internal organs
and then I pulled my out and the dream ended. Now I woke up in the morning and
my wife and I were trying to figure out what this dream
meant. I completely forgot about the
fact that I prayed for a man the day before who needed a new
kidney. It didn’t make sense. It didn’t click until I got an
email or a private message on Facebook from that woman who
said, “Praise report. Our pastor had his kidneys
tested again and the doctor said his kidney is functioning a
hundred percent normally.” Sid: Now I believe that if The
Praying Medic will pray just a short minute prayer, commanding
the spirit of infirmity to leave and commanding sickness to leave
that thousands if not tens of thousands are going to be healed
right now. Would you pray? Dave: I will. I pray that God is going to
bring complete and total healing for you from whatever disease,
whatever infirmity, whatever sickness, whatever trauma you
are suffering that as you listen to this message the Lord is
going to release you from that bondage. He is going to heal you. He is going to give you joy and
you’re going to have an amazing testimony to the goodness of
God. Sid: And I charge you that it’s
not an accident you’re watching this show right now. Dave already said he’s just an
average person. God wants to take the people
that are not on TV that consider themselves nobodies to walk in
miracles every day. So I charge you only believe. Read the Word. Only believe all, A-L-L, all
things are possible to those who believe. That’s you. Sid: Next week on
It’s Supernatural! My guest went to Heaven and was
given books to read on how to pierce the veil so that the
Father’s blessings can come upon us. How many of you would like to
learn what he read in Heaven? Interested?

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    But even so I'm tired of just praying on Facebook, it's time to get out there and pray for people and COMMAND the sickness or disease to leave their body. Jesus TOLD us to do it… so what's wrong with us (me)!!

    I believe that if we pray a prayer for someone COMMANDING sickness or disease to leave, that sickness HAS to go, and people will be healed.

  25. Amen believers ever since I started watching this show I've been blessed e lot I always pray for my children and any situation that i face in life I always get great rewards i thank God for that hallelujah in Jesus name

  26. Wonderful I truly believe and I receive, yes indeed, only Jesus Christ is the God Almighty. HE is the only one that HEALS ALL SICKNESS, HE does total deliverance even HE RAISES PEOPLE FROM DEATH OF THE SPIRIT, amen. 🙏❤️

  27. Go to the cemetery and command everyone who died prematurely to come back to life. And if people who died years ago come back to life and tell us about Heaven and Hell, a lot of us sceptics will believe! 😛

  28. Just wanted to say, that as with all miracles, if we are going to seek them, it should be with the main aim of signs to the unbeliever to possibly get them to come to Christ. Whether we help them do it or someone else does. Scripture says that very thing, they miracles are for a sign to the unbeliever

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