Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma – Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is the right choice for
someone seeking treatment for pancreatic cancer. As we’ve become more aggressive with how we treat pancreas cancer, we actually have also become more
aggressive with helping people’s quality of life improve. Pancreatic
adenocarcinoma is a cancer that comes from the digestive part of the pancreas.
PDAC is sort of your garden-variety pancreas cancer. It’s the most common
type of cancer of the pancreas. Pancreas cancer can often present with very
non-specific symptoms: fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea. Our
therapies have dramatically improved, our surgical intervention is much more
aggressive than it used to be. Typically only about 10 to 15% of patients were ever considered for surgery, which is the only curative modality for pancreas
cancer. We’re now realizing that a lot of these patients can actually get the
surgery with the more aggressive operation where we actually take those
blood vessels out and reconstruct them. We are the only center pretty much on the
planet that does these extensive operations. Mayo is one of the leaders in
the totally neoadjuvant approach, which means that we try chemotherapy as well
as potentially the radiation if the patient needs radiation, and then do the
surgery afterwards. I think from a model of care we approach this disease in a
multidisciplinary fashion. Every person sitting at that table is
a significant expert in the disease. Whether it be by aggressive surgery,
different types of chemotherapy or immunotherapy, or the whole combination of everything, we want to see a longer survival for our pancreas cancer
patients. We don’t go by standard of care because the standard of care leads to
what, a standard outcome. Patients don’t want a standard outcome for pancreas
cancer, they want a super standard or something beyond that and that’s what
we’re trying to offer. I truly think that there is hope to offer to people with
pancreas cancer.

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