Pancreas and Biliary Disorders Clinic – The Nebraska Medical Center

The impetus behind starting this clinic was
making sure we could offer specialized care for these individuals. often they get left
behind. Due to their conditions, they have a very
difficult problem to manage. The clinic is also involved with islet cell
transplants. These are the individuals that progress to auto-islet cell transplantation.
It’s to provide that kind of service to those individuals as well. The actual individuals involved in the clinic
have been here for years. It was just consolodating these services and experts into one place.
That’s another big point of the clinic. Not only do you have a surgeon involved, you
have a pancreatic specialist from a GI standpiont involved, you have an endocrinologist involved.
So that’s the biggest thing we’ve done. Consolodated these individuals into one place. The disorders we’re primarily looking at is
for individuals with chronic pancreatitis. These are the individuals who have chronic
pain secondary to their chronic pancereatitis. There isn’t anything else within the medical
community that can give them resolution to their pain.
The clinic offers that expertise to help them along as they’re progressing through the path.
Ultimately, the clinic offers these individuals who have end-stage chronic pancreatitis the
ability to have auto-islet cell transplantation. Islet cell transplantation is an approach
where we get rid of the pain. We can process the pancreas when we take it out and purify
the pancreas so all we have is the islet cells. We are able to infuse those islet cells into
the liver where they retain their function. It is just housing the islet cells. They maintain
adequate blood flow and nutrition to these cells. And the cells are the ones that are
releasing the insulin. The islet cells have just changed zip codes
if you will. From the pancreas, now they’re sitting in the liver itself. The ideal scenario is an individual who has
debilitating pain and isn’t able to function normally as you and I do, comes into our clinic
and after an extensive evaluation we can offer them a total pancreatectomy with an auto-islet
cell transplant. After the fact, the goal is for these individuals
is to be pain free. The individuals who have this problem often
don’t realize what therapies are available for them. Especially the auto-islet cell transplant.
Unfortunately, they go the majority of their lives, like Katie, who went five years with
this problem. Some people go five, ten years, or more with this problem.
This is what this clinic is offering. A way out of this viscious cycle of chronic
pain. In this region, there is nothing else like
this. This is a huge plus for the region and a huge plus for the patient population; something
we can offer them.

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