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Your due date is just around the corner, so
you are probably thinking about what to pack for your stay in hospital. Aim to have your bag packed by the time you
reach 34 weeks, just in case your baby makes an unexpected early arrival. What you pack is really down to you, you’ll
need to think about what you need for labour and for after the birth for both you and your
baby. Try to keep things simple, maternity wards
are often small and most women don’t stay longer than a couple of days. Don’t forget to pack your birth plan and maternity
notes. A couple of dark coloured nighties for labour
and afterwards, with front openings for easy breastfeeding. A dressing gown and slippers, or warm socks,
will be useful as well as comfortable clothing for when you leave the hospital. Pack your usual wash bag including your makeup
and lip balm. And baby wipes are helpful for freshening
up. You may use an MP3 plus headphones to help
you get some much needed sleep or to relax. Consider taking a few magazines or even a
baby book on development. Ear plugs and and eye mask might be a good idea so you can get
that much needed sleep. Snacks and drinks for labour, and hairbands
can help you feel more comfortable. And straws to help you take water during labour. Remember maternity sanitary pads, at least
2 packs of 12 A nursing bra, a sleep bra, and breast pads
and disposable briefs. Midwives recommend maternity sanitary towels
as they can monitor the blood loss more adequately than normal absorbent pads. Have at least 24 and more at home if needed. You may be able to use your mobile phone whilst
in hospital, but rules do tend to vary so do check with your midwife during your next
antenatal check. You can always buy a phone card and address book to inform loved ones
of your exciting news. Or ask your partner or relative to help.
For the little one, newborn nappies and gentle wet wipes can help with removing messy first
stools, cotton wool and warm water are fine. Nash rash creme can be packed as occasionally
newborns experience mild nappy rash. Add 2-3 vests and sleepsuits,
a few muslin cloths and an outfit to take your baby home. Do take the weather into account. A hat, socks and baby boots can also be packed. It is a legal requirement to safely install
an infant car seat in your car if you are driving your baby home.

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