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  1. Yes! owning any pet is a huge commitment and responsibility and it is so important people get a pet for the right reasons and know what they are getting into. Great video!

  2. I’m getting a puppy in ten days my mom just told me so I wanted to do some research! The dog breed I’m getting is a Cavapoo❤️😊

  3. Yup I paid $5,000.00 for my dog to get her torn ACL fixed. Monday is her last(?) physical therapy session about $80 once a week

  4. I want a wiener dog SO bad but I’m allergic. But I mean I won’t be able to take care of a dog and my dream of adopting 7 kids and having 3 of my own.

  5. Yo mike one question….. how hard is to have a dog and having one happily as a first year resident. I am a medical student and wanted to know how you manage all this with your shift hours and timings………. thank you big fan

  6. My puppy ate a garlic clove and it cost me $300 in vet bills…. thank god I knew it was poisonous and I rushed her to the hospital right away…. I love my dogs more than anything but accidents happen

  7. Hi doctor am from india..we got a pomeranian puppy ..1 month old he likes to chew things and fingers..but my husband slapping him not to do so can we do such things to baby puppy.plz plz plz give reply.

  8. I bet a Newfie's coat is hard to clean. Since they are water rescue dogs isn't their coat water resistent?

  9. I love you for this video! Pets are a privileged and need to be considered like having a new kid would be because that's what they are. They are fully dependent on you and all have their own personality. Soooo many people get a pet as an afterthought.. like "oh, I dunno my coworker didn't get her dog fixed (like they should have) and oops puppies so I picked one up" …. or people i knew who tried to have a husky but they only walked her once a week for exercise…she destroyed the house out of boredom and they took her to the pound.

  10. I had dog depression when I first got my dog… BUT not anymore. I love him. He's an Australian kelpie(/maybe german Shepard too) we got him at a shelter when he was 6 months and boy was he crazy. He peed on my bed three times. Hahaha but we started having a routine and training which really helped. I don't regret getting my dog Hades one bit <3

  11. This was awesome video. I am thinking about getting a puppy for my son he is ten and asking for it for long time but i have no experience with dogs. My mom use to have a dog when we were in india but i realize it is so different owning a dog in usa and owning it in india some how there are so many rules. I was wondering if you can make a video about Medical insurance or if dog owner needs to get liability insurance. What are must have things when u bring ur pup hone for the first time .. thank you

  12. Very glad you included the crate at Nr 5. I still see and hear so many comments about people thinking it's cruel, that people are encaging their dogs or anything. They like to have a home, an enclosed space, something to retire to and feel safe in, just as we humans have our own room, appartment or house.
    Something else to note: Especially in the very early days, pups might need to pee. A LOT. They don't have control over their bladder in the beginning, so DON'T GET MAD at them for peeing inside your house, they simply cannot control it yet. Even worse when they are excited. Have a good eye on them, take away rugs and everything difficult to clean for a few weeks, because it might get messy. The record of my pup was peeing 4 times.. in one hour.

  13. I appreciate this video so much. It's not that I dislike animals. In fact, I love them. However, I think it is one of the most cruel things to do to an animal to get one and not give it the proper love, care, and attention he or she needs.

  14. I mean I like bets specifically Cats 🐱but If I would to spend all those ours taking care of another being I would just have a baby instead I mean beside them being adorably cute and God that's a lot of ** to do and also in the bright side kids don't lick you disgustingly like that

  15. So true! I think the best thing I have done for myself was adopting an adult dog! Adopting an adult dog not only saves a life, but it also saves you money and hassle. When I adopted my dog she was estimated to be 4 or 5 years old, she was already potty trained and I know she wouldn't grow anymore! Another cost is with puppies, especially big breeds, you need to buy probably 3 or 4 collars or harnesses since they will grow out of them and it's important for training that those things are the right size (that a lot of money you could save just by getting an adult dog). Also, you know what you are getting into when you adopt an adult dog, lots of people abandon puppies later on because they really didn't understand just how big they would get. Shelter dogs are not for everyone, they take a lot of work to get out of their shell depending on their history. Though, that also why adult shelter dogs are so rewarding since you are the one to push them to trust and love again! Also, as a college student, I am on campus a lot, I walk my dog every morning and at night, but I don't have to worry about her destroying my house while I am gone, and she loves just sitting on my lap while I study as well.

  16. great video very informative but you should also mention shedding and the fact that you must forget your black clothing. vacuuming like 3 times a day is a must lol

  17. So true. I am firmly of the opinion that a puppy is something you endure in order to get a dog, not something you enjoy.

    I was woefully under-prepared when I got my pup. I'd never been around an untrained dog, let alone completely responsible for one. Fortunately, she whipped me in shape pretty quickly and is now a very contented dog.

  18. Now i feel like i should be more prepared because i really want a puppy for my birthday, but thinking about the vet payments makes me change my mind. And plus i have an apartment but it has carpet sooo… but i really want a pup.

  19. Watching this in 2019 and you know how bear just throws himself at dr mike, i think if he were to make one of those vids where he buys everything bear touches. Im imagining that bear just yAnks himself at the shelves

  20. I loved training my dog. I had no issues, mostly because I knew what I wanted her for. I also refuse to physical punishment. That's the worst thing you can do. Ceasar Millan knows what he is doing when comes to training. I did what I learned from combined with the knowledge I inquired from working in the dog training at PetsMart.

  21. The number of veterinary professionals commenting that they agree with everything is very concerning. DO NOT TAKE YOUR 10 WEEK OLD PUPPY FOR A WALK. He is not fully vaccinated and is at a higher risk of developing Parvo which is common and can be fatal. Side note: Rabies vaccines can’t be given before 12 weeks so there’s also that to consider. Otherwise I absolutely ADORE Dr. Mike and he does hit some good points in the video. 🙂
    Just another friendly Licensed Veterinary Technician here. 😉

  22. We got a puppy who the dog store said was 8 weeks old. he and his 5 brothers were left in a very small bag outside in the FREEZING COLD outside a pet store over night, like I’m talking snowing cold. We got him the next day when we saw his picture on Facebook, and he was so small and sweet, he laid in our arms for 3 hours. We brought him home, he had worms. We took him to the pet store where they gave us doggy worm meds, which they apparently knew about, the worms not the meds, and had given him some before when we got him. and he got better in a week. We didn’t know much about dogs so we took the pet stores advice mixing puppy food with goats milk, and he ate it! We fed him 3 times a day. Time travel a bit, so we have found out that he CAN NOT do crates, like I’m talking so scared that he pukes and drools like mad for the first ten minutes we put him in there, he’s not a dog that drools like other then when he is scared. He’s terrified of everything outside of our home and us. And cars don’t work. We take him to the vet, she tells us about shots and stuff, and then like after much struggle (Because he was so scared) she found out that he’s about 8 weeks old, that means that he was only four weeks old when we got him! (About) now we realized that this stupid pet store has lied like three times now, however, he grew up and we still have him today as a happy pup, about 2 years old. He’s trained to sit and come and isn’t as scared about other people, however he’s terrified of other dogs and the vet

  23. I was diagnosed with a disease, and I had to go on a two month liquid diet. When I got a puppy, it motivated me to keep going, and gave me a great distraction. Puppies are definitely a good idea, just make sure you know what you’re doing!

  24. My Family Doesn’t do anything of those things and I suggested them to get rid of the dog cause they weren’t taking care of them right and then they say “No, he is part of our family”. LIKE IF ITS PART OF OUR FAMILY, THEN WHY DO YOU NOT TAKE CARE OF IT FREAKING IDIOTS.

  25. I really want a newfie, but my mom says no because we have a lot of little kids. She knows they are super friendly, shes just worried it might accidently smoosh da little onez

  26. Pro tip: becareful of over feeding your puppy. Not only can they become obese but their bones can grow too fast and cause deformities or weak bone structure. Please consult a veterinarian if you are unsure how much food to give your growing puppy.

  27. I have already learned about not to take an animal, without research, preparations and thinking twice if I will be having enough time and money. But I, unfortunately, know people who would take anything and then be upset that it isn't as fun as they thought (animals have different way of thinking and perceiving the world around them than humans) or it gets sick because they failed to fulfill their specific need (especially in case of more delicate creatures, with need of specific enclosure, light, ect. Most reptiles and fish aren't easy pets for beginners.)

  28. Actually it’s not good to cut dogs or puppies nails because if you do and they run away or you lose them they will have no way to defend themselves other than bighting so it would be a good idea to actually leave their nails alone

  29. Thank you for this! Even if you get an older dog as a new pet, it’s still hard work and tons of commitment. Always do research in advance – for any pet.

  30. Hello Can somebody the title of this song I wen to Joakim site also on YT but I couldn't find it… and Bear is just I can't I guess I would be sitting home all day and hug Him😍😍😍🐶🐶🐶

  31. Don't forget, dental health is important! Brush your dogs teeth everyday with pet safe toothpaste in their favourite flavour. Gum disease and infections, caused by lack of brushing can shorten their lives because these conditions can spread to the heart of other vital organs.

  32. You should not get a puppy if you're working 8 hours but you also need a lot of money to own and take care of a puppy. Oh the irony…

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