[Overweight] [Ozone therapy] Testimonial by Ghanshyam Patel for Dr. Pravin Patel’s Innovative Hos..

Doctor: Good afternoon Patient: Good afternoon Doctor: What is your name? Patient: Ghanshyam Patel Doctor: Where are you from? Patient: USA Chicago Doctor: What disease did you have? Patient: Overweight Doctor: What was the weight before? Patient: Approx 99 Kg Doctor: any other problem? Patient: Uric acid problem, Diabetes, High blood pressure Doctor: How long have you had diabetes? Patient: from 20 years Doctor: Which treatment did you take in our hospital? Patient: Stayed 10 days Doctor: specifically for weight loss right? Patient: yes Doctor: What treatment was given to you in 10 days? Patient: Detoxification in the first two days, no food, only warm water Patient: After two days some juice, fruits, soup, salad Doctor: Which treatment was given? Patient: Ozone therapy with some exercise Doctor: What was your experience? Patient: Very good Patient: Body has become lighter Doctor: What benefits did you get? Patient: Body has become lighter Patient: Body and knee pain due to overweight, it is completely cured now Patient: I Couldn’t climb the stairs before Doctor: And now? Patient: Now I can Patient: Right now I go down 72 steps and 72 steps come up Doctor: Very good, congratulations Doctor: And what about your energy level? Patient: More than before, Before I sleep a lot. Doctor: Used to be tired right? Patient: Yes Patient: Tired in exercise Doctor: and energy level is good now? Patient: yes good Doctor: Now your diabetes hba1c is 5.7 Patient: yes, reduced from 6.9 to 5.7 Doctor: You did not take any diabetes medicine in 10 days right? Patient: yes, right. did not take any medicine of uric acid, BP, diabetes Doctor: Your blood pressure was normal Patient: yes Doctor: How much did you lose weight in 10 days? Patient: Approx 5 kgs Doctor: Very good, are you happy now? Patient: Yes Doctor: What you say about our hospital? Patient: Very good hospital, providing excellent services and staff is good too Patient: with a smiley face Patient: Doctor’s nature is too good Patient: Food and medicine are available on time. fully scheduled Doctor: Thank you

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