Outpatient Care in our Antenatal Clinic

Hello My name is Liza Rose and I’m the manager of Women’s Day Services and I’m here in antenatal clinic. You’re
going to come and visit us early on your pregnancy at about
twelve-weeks and again at twenty weeks for your scans. Your scan at twelve-weeks will be for
dating for screening for vision of Down’s and you’ll be seen again at 20 weeks
when will scan your baby when it’s bigger to have good look at it to see that everything is as it should be as far as we’re able. When you come to see us, don’t forget your notes and remember that you will need a full
bladder for your scan. We will also ask you to bring some change for the pictures you might want to share
with your families. You may also come to see us in the antenatal clinic where you may be seen by one of our doctors. Hello, my name is Elinor and I’m one of the obstetric specialist doctors working here at Derriford Hospital.
In antenatal clinic you may be referred your midwife all your GP if there’s an aspect of your
past medical history or your pregnancy that needs attention and seeks a medical opinion. In the
antenatal clinic we will discuss the options available to you and plan your care. the majority of women won’t need to see a doctor throughout their pregnancy, however if a complication should arise then doctors work alongside midwives as part of the team to ensure the best quality of care is given to you. and your baby

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