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What if the hospital of the future would be
our actual home? This is Bertalan Mesko and you are watching
the channel of The Medical Futurist. When they ask people about the future hospitals,
they usually depict amazing technologies and really spectacular devices but what if the
majority of care could be provided in our actual homes?
By getting wearable and different kinds of devices to our bathroom or bedroom and measuring
what needs to be measured. So let’s see what would be needed to make our home the new clinic,
the hospital of the future. Let’s start with the bathroom. It could include
a smart scale. You stand on the smart scale, it measures your weight, it recognizes you
and sends the data immediately to your smartphone. The mirror could be a digital one analyzing
your stress levels, your pulse just by looking at you. You could use a smart toothbrush that
could analyze whether you are hydrated or not. And then in the toilet, there could be
a little chip, microchip for urine analysis. And when you go into the shower, the smart
home could bring the temperature down by using the smart device like Nest acquired by Google.
Going into the bedroom ,it could include smart sleep monitors which first give you data about
what quality of sleep you had and then it could wake you up at the best time to make
sure you are energized in the morning. Again, when you go to bed, the smart sleep monitor
could let the Nest know it should bring the temperature down again because you are about
to sleep. In the kitchen, there could be smart forks
and spoons; measuring the ingredients of the food just like what food scanners are designed
to do with applications on smartphones controlling your diet. There could be 3D food printers
that could use fresh ingredients and create pizza, cookies, almost any kind of final products
just like what Foodini does these days. At your work desk, you could wear smart clothes
measuring your vital signs, your posture, your stress levels and brain activity telling
us when exactly to work for better performance. You can see that now we can use all these
devices and we can look ahead into the future and try to find those which can really change
the way we live our lives by bringing the clinic, the hospital equipment to our actual
homes. What would you like most about our home becoming the clinic having medical equipment
and any kind of devices measuring our vital signs and making our lives simpler and better?
Please feel free to share your experience with that, plus don’t forget to read more
about the future of hospitals in my new book, The Guide to the Future of Medicine. Thank

7 thoughts on “Our Home Will Be The Hospital Of The Future? – The Medical Futurist

  1. Bertalan,  I see this from a different angle.  Hospitals and clinics have historically been places of un-wellness, and of sickness despite the fact that we have incorrectly called it "healthcare". In the future I see our home, and our mobile devices enabling true wellness, real "health"care, prevention and early detection.  I believe this is an important distinction!

  2. Also, since hospitals (both corporate and ones associated with Universities) have EXPLODED IN reach and SIZE to accommodate for larger populations, poorer health outcomes from bad lifestyles, large generation (baby boomers) growing elderly creating a wave of new, frequent patients and even just to maximize revenue patients are feeling more overwhelmed and less cared for in them. More and more people are craving a personal experience in environments they know, not massive factory like hospitals associated with elite academia. Bringing the hospital to the home would be revolutionary. How much more comfortable, familiar place could a place be than your own house? The trouble from there is just getting people comfortable with digital translation of their medical records. Although, we can save digital information in DNA now that's 100% encrypted by billions of years of evolution. Ya can't "hack" a molecule 🙂

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