Our Cultural Beliefs: Who We Are – LewisGale Medical Center

(Upbeat music) – [Amy] I love to take care of people and have since I was ten years old. So I knew from a young age that this was what I wanted to do. – [Narrator] LewisGale Medical
Center a 506 bed hospital offering the highest levels
of quality healthcare including the latest
medical technologies and specialized procedures close to home for Southwest Virginia residents. While other large, specialized
hospitals nation-wide offer similar services, it’s LewisGale Medical Center’s
employees and physicians and their mission to
personally connect with and care for patients, their
families, and one another that make us unique. For these employees and physicians, healthcare isn’t just a job. It’s their passion and calling. – I decided to become a physician
when I was in high school. There were several reasons
why I chose to do that. One of which was the
tragic loss of my cousin. He was killed in a car accident
when I was 17 year old. I saw that as an opportunity
to be able to help people in the future as well as
to help my family grieve. – I had an uncle who
passed away quite suddenly, and nobody really knew why. He was an uncle that was very dear to me. And that is what picked
up my interest in medicine at the beginning. – Once you got into it and realized and saw that you were making a difference and actually helping save people’s lives and truly helping them
is what made me realize that this was for me. – Patients are number one. That’s why we’re here,
is to take care of them. But, a lot of times the families become more of who we take care of because the patient may not be
able to speak for themselves, or be able to communicate with us. A lot of times families need
more of the personal connect and get to know us because
they’re the ones taking care of the patient after discharge. – Recently I was caring for a patient who had Stage 3 lung cancer. He had a massive infection
all over his body. His body was essentially failing. And, this family was not
taking the news very well, and they wanted to go all the way, do everything
we could to save him. And, I cared for this patient
for close to over a week, every shift I was on. And you build that rapport with the family and with the patient. – [Kevin] In dealing
with patient families, we can be there for them
in their time of need. – We had a patient who was
a young man, about my age, in his thirties, who
overdosed unintentionally and we couldn’t save him. And his mom, we had to, obviously, tell her that
her son was no longer living and we, well, I, after my shift, sat with her for about three hours
because she was alone and her family members
were all a few hours away and they weren’t going
to be here for a while. So, I made a difference in
her life in a different way than say caring for a patient. – I can’t think of any day that
I’ve ever worked as a nurse that I haven’t gotten
back more from my patient or my family members that I’ve taken care of during that time. Nurses truly do have an impact
on families, on patients, on anybody they come across
in any aspect of their job. – We have a great hospitalist
team who works together to cover each other to find
out when somebody needs help, and if somebody has some
questions, we are very friendly and we just work as one
team to help each other out. – Our nurses, we are a team. We lean on each other. We talk to each other. We support each other. – The environment is fantastic. You know, it’s such a
collegial environment. The specialists always
willing to jump in and help. The nurses are just wonderful. The techs, the respiratory therapists, everybody understands that
not just the attendant, but everybody has a role to play and everybody is hands on and
everybody is willing to help. – I think that the biggest
thing that has contributed to LewisGale getting the Leapfrog A rating is the culture here at this hospital. People feel comfortable
if they see something that could potentially be
a patient safety issue, they’re not afraid to speak up and to tell people, here’s a concern that I have that could potentially be a patient issue. And having that culture here and making people feel comfortable to being able to speak
up, I think that is huge when you’re talking about patient care and quality
and patient safety. – Healthgrade A for Leapfrog
has been a true team effort. Between the leadership,
the bedside nurses, the director staff coming together knowing that we want our quality to be the highest that it can be and provide that care to
our patients as a community has really turned it around for us. – We do our very best to
provide the quality care that everyone deserves. – LewisGale is a great placee to work – I saw how other staff members
that currently worked there were interacting with the
people coming in the door, even when I was trying to find
where to go for an interview, it mattered to them, whether
they knew I was coming for an interview or not, and that was why I chose to be here. – Working at LewisGale Medical Center for cardiovascular services
has been fantastic. It’s a very family oriented environment. Everyone collaborates and
works very well together. And I just see the patient care here, as far as the nursing staff
and the operating room, and the pre-admission,
post-admission, physical therapy. They really care about the patients here. – I think if you look for one thing that sets LewisGale apart is the
personal touch that we have with our patients here. – I chose to come work because my grandfather was a patient here on our rehab floor back in 1999. And they took such good care of him, and took care of us as well. That’s what I wanted to be a part of. – So for me, I’m where I need
to be and where I want to be. And that’s being at LewisGale. (upbeat music fades)

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