Ouchless IV Starts at St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Most of the kids come here to our Ambulatory Procedure Center, they’re getting sedated for tests: MRIs, CT scans, a lot of radiology tests. When Laura first came in, we really just kind of give her an overview of how the day’s going to go. We let them know upfront that they are going to need an IV start. We make it a practice to be very honest. Hi Laura. My name is Joyce. I’m a Child Life Specialist. I’m here to tell you all about your IV start that we have to do right now. We incorporate our Child Life Specialists who can explain the procedure, lets the kids play with all the equipment beforehand. Knowledge is a good thing and the more they know about what we’re going to do the less afraid they are when we actually it’s time to get the IV started. It’s really important that the parents just stay really calm and kind of act like this isn’t a big deal. If parents come through the door nervous, the children come through the door nervous. IVs are intimidating for kids because nobody really likes needles. Everyone’s afraid of needles, even adults. So we’ve tried to come up with a way so it’s less intimidating and less painful. This is our cold washcloth, okay? It’s just going to clean your hand up a little bit. Just relax your hand. There’s two types of kids. Some are watchers and no matter how much distraction you do they’re still going to watch and they do better. And some kids don’t want to watch at all and that’s when the iPads and the games and the toys come in handy. 1-2-3 big blow. Little stick. 1-2-3. Good job. Alright so you get to choose. Alright now this should be all numb. You ready? Big deep breaths on 3. 1-2-3. In. One of the big bonuses for coming to a children’s hospital for these kinds of treatments, is all our equipment is specially made just for pediatric patients and everything we do is geared to make their stay or their visit as positive as possible. That’s all that’s to it. So now you know, you have no more pokes, whenever you need your medicine, it doesn’t go into you it goes into this tube there. Okay? That’s it. Good job. High five. Good job. My goal everyday is to send patients home thinking that wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be with a smile on their face. If you have questions about Ouchless IV starts or visits to the APC, feel free to call for 314-454-KIDS for information.

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