Osman Mohamed, MD – Largo Medical Center

– My philosophy is how to be
passionate with the patient and how to explain
things to them in detail and be honest with them. My dad used to have a friend
of his who is a surgeon, and he used to take me with him and always talk to me about
what he does with the patient and how he makes them
feel better and stuff. And then you know, and my
dad was talking to me about he’d like to see me
doing something like that and that stick to me
since and get me attracted to be a physician and
to the medical school. The most rewarding for me
really and I can never forget it always comes to me, is when I graduated as a fellow of American
College of Surgery. That’s something was kind
of very passionate to me since I graduate from a
foreign medical school, I came to United States, I
like to have the American Board and that was my dream. So when I became one of the fellow for the American College of Surgeons, that was a very big day for me. The Transplant Institute of Florida is it was kind of a probably a dream for me. I work on transplant for long years, probably since 1992. I work in different institutes, and you always have some of
the downside that you see but you can’t change and some of the good things
that you want to encourage. And so when I was approached
to help in building Transplant Institute at
Largo, which we call the Transplant Institute of Florida, that for me was kind of
my dream coming true, to build that things that
tried to take all the negative aspect that I have seen in my career. When it comes to the patients,
when it comes to the staff, dealing with each other, when
it comes to the hospitals, and encourage some of the positive things. So this means everything to me. I have seen, during medical
school and my training, how patient was in end stage liver disease and in end stage kidney disease suffer. When everything else
in their body is good, except one organ is failing. And that turned their life upside down. And so I’m very passionate
about, you know, organ transplant in particular. Our priority when we started here, is to build a good multi-disciplinary
team to work together to get a patient through the process. And that requires not only
the staff and the office, but every single one in
the hospital is important. From the nursing to the administration, to the labs to the radiology,
to the maintenance, to the computer. Every single one is important
to get this process going. No matter how knowledgeable you are, or how rich you are, or how cool you are, you think you are. You know, how you treat people tell all. Integrity, in dealing with patients, is the most important thing.

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