Orthopedic Wellness Program at Capital Regional Medical Center with Dr. David Oberste

(calm, instrumental music) – [Narrator] Health break
is brought to you by Capital Regional Medical Center, the region’s fastest ER wait times. – These days, joint replacement
patients are younger and healthier, which is why
Capital Regional Medical Center created The Wellness Program. Dr David Jason Oberste explains. – We remove IV’s as soon as we can, we remove catheters,
dressings as soon as possible. We get the patients back
into comfortable clothing, out of the hospital beds,
we get them into a gym that allows them to use their muscles, to use their new joint, to get the motion and the
strength back as soon as possible. – [Jonathan Martin]
Patients at Capital Regional can potentially go home,
the day of surgery. – [Dr David Jason Oberste]
The physicians, the surgeons, the nursing staff, the
therapist, all want the patient to get back to being healthy and active. The Wellness Program gets that patient to feel like, I’m ready to go and I’m ready to get back to life. – For more information visit capitalregionalmedicalcentre.com (calm, instrumental music) – [Narrator] Healthbreak,
was brought to you by Capital Regional Medical Center. The region’s fastest ER wait times.

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