Orthopedic Surgery at TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center

♪ [music] ♪ – [Dr. Grutter] TriStar Hendersonville
really is a great place to practice medicine,
and those kind of things really start at the top. They’ve got a great leadership
team. – [Dr. Koch] We are able to provide
through both the physicians, the staff, and the facilities we have,
absolute state-of-the-art care. – [Dr. Landsberg] As an orthopedic
surgeon, I had been here in Hendersonville, at Hendersonville
Medical Center for 25 years. We have advanced. Things get better and
better. Newer techniques, newer systems, systems like having classes ahead of time
for patients to know and understand and feel better about what they’re going to go
through. – [Nicole] When a patient comes to the
total joint replacement class here, we try to get them to think ahead of the
surgery. I have so many people stay around just to tell me how appreciative
they are of the class that we offer here. It’s just great to kind of see a
brightness in their eyes, that they’re happy they came,
they’ve learned what they’re getting ready to go through, and they know they’ve made
the right decision. – Probably what I love the most about
orthopedic surgery is just the ability to be able to really help people and
improve their quality of life. – [Dr. Ross] We treat everything from
children to elderly, women and men, athletes to non-athletes.
You can get an athlete back on the field. You can take somebody that has just a hard
time walking to their mailbox and give them that quality of life and the freedom
back to do what they like to do is one of the things that I find most enjoyable. – One of the things that we’ve been
working on is called the enhanced surgical recovery program. That takes many aspects
into play, the anesthesiology, the nursing staff, the physical therapy,
the social workers, everybody getting on the same team to work towards providing
a great experience for our patients. During the surgery itself,
we try and use muscle-sparing approaches, where we don’t cut through the muscle or
cut through tendon to do the surgery. – Back years ago, they would just lay in
the hospital beds and be on narcotics and not moving. Now, we’re getting you up,
getting you recovered faster, giving carbohydrate load before surgery,
minimizing narcotics, doing things with blocks and spinal
anesthesia that allow patients to recover much quicker, to the point where,
by the time they’re hitting recovery room, their feet will be on the ground within an
hour. – The ESR program has been very good at
increasing patient satisfaction with our surgeries, getting them home
quicker and safer, as well as decreasing their narcotic use. – They’re going to be getting the
state-of-the-art care right here in Hendersonville. My family and I live
here. My kids go to school here. We go to church here.
And I really enjoy being able to serve and take care of the people in the community
where I live. ♪ [music] ♪

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