Orthopedic Specialty Clinic – Dr. Raymond S. Kirchmier, Jr.

the name of our group is orthopedic
specialty clinic each of us is specialty fellowship-trained each of us has our
own little niche so we basically evaluate and treat people with
orthopedic and joint related issues my name is Raymond Kirchmier I’m an
orthopedic spine surgeon my specialty is spine surgery we do the
conservative and surgical treatment of spine related disorders things like disc
problems arthritis spinal stenosis deformities things like that I found
this the most interesting and most rewarding and probably the most
challenging so putting all that together I don’t kind of a natural fit for me I
think a patient has to be educated about their problem I mean that’s step one
before you do anything else and so I spend time and educating the patients
what their diagnosis and then go through reasonable treatment options for them
and then just basically walk through the different type of options whether
there’s non-interventional or conservative type of modalities of
treatment versus more interventional treatment versus some people have more
serious conditions that you know surgery is necessary to take care of their
problem it has its challenges but it also has a lot of rewards but doing
surgery is I mean at least for what I do I think it’s awesome you know it’s I
feel natural doing things with our hands and we you know we see nice outcomes and
the vast majority of our patients we can restore people back to their normal
lifestyle so it’s it’s very gratifying in that regard

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