Orthopedic Specialty Clinic – Dr. Brett J. Waverly

orthopedic specialty clinic is a
comprehensive orthopedic practice we treat everything from the foot ankle
knees hips spine back shoulders and hands without a doubt everyone here is
trying to help patients stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle my name is
Brett Waverly I practice foot and ankle surgery from a early age I’ve always
been fascinated with the sciences and really I love interacting with people
from you know young adults children all the way up to the geriatric population
so combining science and people I think medicine is just excellent fit the foot
and ankle is a very complex structure there’s a lot of different pathology
that can occur so I see anything from people who just wake up with pain
randomly broken bones trauma sports injuries they’re just getting back into
exercising and they feel that their ankle hurts their toe hurts their foot
hurts so my patients range from children to older adults age really has no limit
if you feel that you are limited in the activities that you desire to be doing
then my job is to really help you reach your goals and maximize the amount of
function that you can do to truly enjoy everyday life when you see the patient’s
back they’re like gosh I haven’t been able to just walk the mall without pain
and you know that’s something so simple that a lot of us really don’t even think
about and same thing with an athlete you know they may have suffered a traumatic
injury or it’s just this nagging injury that just comes back you know throughout
the season and allowing them to get back and perform their best again it’s just
very rewarding and it’s just it’s great it’s excellent it makes you come back
each day being a physician and truly helping people is something that’s
rewarding to me seeing them in public if I you know encounter a patient that’s
running down a trail you it’s just great to see them being active
so truly I can’t imagine doing anything else

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