Orthopedic Services at an Inpatient Rehab Hospital | Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

Hi, I’m Todd McDonald,
Director of Rehab Therapy Services here at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage. I’m here to tell you today about the orthopedic
services we offer here at this rehabilitation hospital. Typical orthopedic patients we would provide
services for would be the fall fractures, or fractures, and elective surgeries, elective
bilateral surgeries. So, if someone’s getting both knees replaced
or both hips replaced, we would be able to provide therapy at this level of care. Some of the differences between us and a skilled
nursing facility: We offer 3 hours of therapy a day, between
physical and occupational therapy. We have the nurse ratio of 5 patients to 1
nurse. We have daily physician visits. And our physicians are highly skilled at pain
management without over-sedating a patient, which is really important to be able to participate
in that therapy. And we also provide an average length-of-stay
of about 12 days for our patients. So, where as a skilled nursing facility may
have a patient, such as these orthopedic patients, for about a month, we would get them home
much faster. While here, the patient would be working with
physical therapy, working on walking and balance. Some state-of-the-art technology we have for
that is the Bioness Vector, which is a 78-foot overhead track working on gait stability,
balance. And what we’re able to do with this Vector
system is determine exactly how much weight we want the patient to put through that limb. So, depending upon what their physician
allows them, we can adjust accordingly. The occupational therapist will be working
on your daily living skills, so things like dressing, bathing, toileting, use of adaptive
equipment or devices, and safety at home, throughout the house and in the kitchen. During a patient’s stay here we also determine
the best piece of equipment for them to use for mobility and any other equipment they
may need at home. We coordinate that and get them the equipment
for a safe transition home, and we can also connect them with home health or outpatient services to continue with the therapy once they leave us. So, if you think Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital
of Rancho Mirage is an option for you, we’d be happy to have you stop by for a tour, or
if you would, speak to your physician or healthcare provider and get a referral over to us. Thank you.

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