Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services

Hi! My name is Susan Erickson, lead Physical Therapist
here at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital at Rancho Mirage. Today, I’d like to talk to you about our Orthopedic
program. Our clinicians are highly skilled to help
you recover from specific orthopedic conditions that might include, but are not limited to
upper and lower extremity fractures, joint replacements, arthritis, neck and back pain,
vertebral fractures, other spinal injuries, as well as amputations. Here at Vibra, we offer an intensive, individualized
rehabilitation program, consisting of physical and occupational therapy for three hours per
day in our state-of-the-art therapeutic gym to assist those with orthopedic injuries regain
their independence. Your therapy will focus on progressive mobilization
and restoration of function by improving strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. We can provide individualized gait analysis
and determine the need for appropriate bracing and orthotics for the upper and lower extremities. We will be utilizing the most up-to-date computerized
technologies, like our Bioness Vector, to assist you in obtaining independence with
standing and ambulation. We offer functional living areas to assess
your activities of daily living, from self-care to home management. This occupational-based training will allow
you to practice newly-learned therapy techniques to insure a safe discharge. You will learn the essential skills to return
to independent living, while assuming greater responsibility for your own care. We will train and educate your family members
so they can play an active support role during your inpatient stay and after returning home. As an inpatient, you will be the center of
a multi-interdisciplinary team of therapists, pharmacy, nursing and case management, guided
by one of our highly-qualified rehab physiatrists to help you maximize your return-of-function,
perform daily activities of living, and return to work, school and leisure pursuits.

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