Orthopedic Rehab Services | Trustpoint Rehabilitation Hospital of Lubbock

Hi I’m Brandon Perez. I’m a physical therapist here at Trustpoint
Rehabilitation Hospital of Lubbock, Texas, and I’m going to be talking to you about our
orthopedic services that we provide here at the hospital. So first and foremost, the most common diagnoses
we see related to orthopedic injuries are fractures related to falls or trauma, some that
have been surgically repaired. And then the other most common is elective
procedures such as total hip, total knee replacement and things along those lines. The typical intensity here at Trustpoint with
your therapy is three hours a day, and that’s Monday through Friday. Most commonly you’ll see a physical therapist
and an occupational therapist, both of which will work on range of motion, strengthening,
balance, things along those lines. But we do incorporate patient goals into our
treatments, so if there’s something a patient needs to get back to doing before they do
go home, we incorporate that into our treatments. And that does include family training, so
a lot of times our patients are not able to go home independently and they do need some
assistance, so we do get the family involved as early as possible just to make sure all
parties involved are comfortable when they do go home. And if need be we do complete assistive device
training and assessment here at the hospital, so if a patient needs a walker, wheelchair,
cane, things along those lines we do prepare those services for you. And then once you do leave the hospital we
work along with social work to get you set up with continued therapy if needed, whether
that’s at the home or at an outpatient clinic, whichever works best for the family. If you do feel like you would be a good fit
or if a family member would be a good fit here at Trustpoint, please speak to your physician
or social work. Thank you.

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