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this is the News Roll Up i’m your host Sam Humeid these are my friends. artist Henrik Larsson we know him as Henrik the Swede my good friend Erica Adamson writer and what else do you do? Vlogger you can find me at EABraid youtube.com excellent and this is Lisa Kaler from The 420 times
the wonderful, enthused, our lady on the street getting all the best interviews in town.and of course last but not least the famous Alex Mandelberg. (lauging) famous. comedian extraordinaire, funniest guy I know or at least the funniest guy willing to come on my show. so were just watching a video about about the Oregon State Troopers and about how they are differentiating between the new law in Wahsington the legalization of marijuana, the recreational use of marijuana and uh… we were watching that just now, let’s cut away to it and check it out. washington voters have passed initiative 502 beginning december six it is not a violation of the washington state law for adults over twenty one years old
possess up to an ounce of marijuana or sixteen ounces of solid marijuana
infused product like cookies or seventy two ounces of infused liquid
like oil all for personal use the initiative establishes a one-year period
for the state of washington to develop rules and the licensing system for the
production and sale of marijuana while legal in the state of Washington
beginning on december sixth Oregon law has not changed with regard to marijuana
possession distribution or manufacturing it’s important though to understand that
under oregon law possession of less than one ounce of marijuana is classified as
a violation it is not a criminal offense and people cannot be arrested or jail
for the possession of less than one ounce of marijuana possession of less than one ounce of
marijuana has been a low law enforcement priority for thirty five years in
Portland and this will not change due to the new Washington law what is not a low law enforcement
priority is driving under the influence D U I I remains a high priority for the
Portland Police Bureau here are some important questions and answers
about the Oregon impact of the new Washington law yes the Oregon medical marijuana program
allows for cardholders to possess certain amounts of marijuana it does not
dictate where hard holders can get it and there are no changes to the Oregon
medical marijuana program because of washington I 502 no possession of less than one ounce of
marijuana is an Oregon violation and you could be subject to a citation similar
to a traffic ticket no while Portland Police do not prioritize
enforcing citations of less than an ounce of marijuana smoking pot in public
places is strictly enforced don’t do it even under the new law on Washington
you’re not allowed to smoke marijuana in public places Washington is developing rules in a
licensing system for the production and sale of marijuana which may eventually lead to the
existence of cafes or businesses were smoking pot is allowed until then if you must consume pot then do
so in the privacy of a residence unless you are operating a vehicle bicycles
included you cannot be cited for the consumption of marijuana if an officer believes you driving under
the influence of a controlled substance they will conduct a field sobriety test
and may consult with a drug recognition expert if officers a establish probable cause
they will bring you to a precinct and ask your permission to draw your blood
protesting if officers have reason to believe your
under the influence of a controlled substance they can get a search warrant
for blood draw from a judge in a serious injury crash if law
enforcement suspects of the drivers impaired by drugs or alcohol officers
will apply for search more to draw and test the drivers blood it’s important to know the driving under
the influence is a criminal offence in Oregon and those driving under the
influence of marijuana or other drugs can be arrested and jailed for
D U I drugs while D U I alcohol is generally
when a driver’s blood-alcohol content is point oh eight or more there is not the same threshold for
marijuana or other drugs the threshold for D U I drugs is
impaired to a perceptible degree get a designated driver take public
transit or plan to stay the night in Washington yes but you can still get a D U I
drugs while riding a bicycle marijuana is still a schedule one drug
under federal law and marijuana possession and sale remains illegal
under federal law the Portland Police Bureau cannot predict or
control the enforcment activities a federal authorities much like existing fireworks laws what
is legal in Washington is not legal in Oregon in other words if it goes high in the
air or if it gets you high you should probably use it in the Evergreen State so what do you guys think?s uh… Oregon’s got it pretty tough here they have a state where recreational use is okay and if you live ten minutes from that border it’s not and they’re not so happy yet despite having decriminalizing marijuana possession in Oregon, is not legal per se. the one thing that kinda worries me about it is
the whole D U I think because what you consider to be intoxicated and what you consider to be just your normal everyday medicated self
in some way or another can vary so it’s not a really great science they have yet for really determining whether or not someone’s uh…. intoxicated enough to uh… drive
there’s millions of people on the road everyday on plenty of presciption pills Spikoly said it best people on ludes shouldn’t drive and the other thing is if you reall think about it if that’s really their concern there’s already like thousands of people on the road getting stoned every day nothing’s changing it is all about responsibility and rational behavior. Well it seems like they
address that the reason the law has always at least stated that they cannot just simply willy nilly say I believe you are under influence and thusly test someone. They do have to visually be able to see someone and say you appear to be impaired now are there those who take advantage of that law, yes absolutely, of course but the law itself as it’s written is
not the problem necessarily it’s certain individuals who are abusing that power Officer I’m just happy (laughter) you’re swerving down the road and you are speeding or hot dogging it which I don’t know anybody who’s smoked and been able to do that are they going to be hot dogging it you know what I mean you’re going to be more alert generally speaking yeah because your high and um… you’re gonna be extra careful -because you’re high – you know what I mean? yeah because of that they’ve proven that stoned drivers actually drive better ya know, they are less accident prone
this is serious serious science I saw this on the Discovery Channel they
were testing people uh… different the way different drugs affect different people in the
same situations one of my favorite ones… the unfortunate downside of one of the ones for stoners was they did have one that was a burning building test. They tested everyone sober and they tested everyone ah..
was religious everyone the stoned person performed so well on the test
so well in fact that if they were in a real fire they probably would have burned up and died but they were able to remain very calm under pressure (Henrik) They’re used to the smoke we know marijuana can put you at ease, it’s just so unfortunate that in Oregon you can technically smoke weed but it’s still illegal on a Federal level but if we wanted to charge you on a Federal level we could still do that you know the Obama Administration just came out against that saying they are going to overturn the voter initiate I 502 in Washington and the other one in Colorado. The Federal government is going to overturn recreational use this is clearly an instant where states rights has over stepped its boundries and you know what they are going to do? They’re gonna say well the UN we signed in 1961 some international drug policy, ya know so we have to follow the UN which means, wow we gave up the
constitution and all that stuff you know so either way they’re kinda “Bleeped” you know? It says so much that
it’s it’s so much about Colorado and Washington and what’s going on that’s fantastic this is medical marijuana by the way if you are wondering where all this weed came from behind me. I only use weed because we are speaking about the legalisation of weed. this is medical grade cannabis which is a wildly different thing and most of you have been to my store you know
how different versus stuff on the street which is pretty much what you are going to get from stores Washington and Colorado. Well think about it, if you open up a stand-up comedy club then bring the smoke back into the room you know you can do that right now, you get tourism and all that stuff you gotta get on that my friend. Well one of the things I was really surprised at when I was in Washington I was lucky enough I was on tour there
literally a week after the election and what happened was everyone had
just found out and two or three of my shows were actually in the suburbs, not in
Seattle not in where it was wildly popular but where they were actually
surprised at how popular it was and one with their i was actually
surprised to be hanging outside of a club smoking weed with the owner of said club and a couple of over sixty people who had showed up a couple of times these peopel were not smoking the backyard boogie my dad smoked back in the 1990’s there were smoking medicinal grade pretty good for anything we had found out there
I was actually very surprised at how accepting of the culture they were
and when i did ask if you do about it i was surprised that the amount that
we’re going out you know tax it we’d be happy to pay the taxes, the money goes to the state they are going to regret those words. We are talking about Oregon a state that doesn’t have sales taxe No no, We’re talking about Washington Hold on one second, but Washington wants to tax it every step of the way the cultivators will be charged a twenty five percent tax a twenty five percent tax on the cultivators. – that’s quite a bit. – twenty five percent tax to the distibutor twenty five percent tax to the dispensary seventy five percent tax, then there is sales tax you gotta think of the employment opportunities this is exactly what we have all feared they are going to make it so expensive the only people who can afford to do it are going to be major corporations who will say, “You know what?” We can afford the tax we can afford to grow millions of acres of weed on this property and afford the tax. I can’t do it, you couldn’t do it none of the people in here could ever grow medical grade product and afford to pay those taxes because they don’t have that understanding there’s no understanding of education one of the things I liked about about the law specially in that you showed us in the video before is the fact that they are opening this up to tourism. they are making this a tourist attaction trying to draw people to the state for this they’re not treating it like the dirty little secret. you want to come here and enjoy it, perfectly fine I know it’s weird this whole first year i don’t know if that’s necessarily the
spirit of the law though the law was to decriminalize it and legalize it for use in your own home. it’s also to build the economy, I think states are beginning to catch on to the fact that it is a great
economical value to them to make weed legal, and it can be if done the right way. It just so happens that it’s Colorado and Washington you know states that we didn’t expect necessarily Well Washington I think people expected it. I think Colorado was the bigger surprise because Colorado I mean it usually existed as a swing state however lately it’s kinda leaned red. you know there is a very religious movement there a lot of gun carriers and not exactly what you’d expect to be
one of the first states to legalize full use. you know the thing is that a year, that that’s the pitfall because it’s like a year ti feels like people might like you know in their enthusiasm not really acclimate to really where it might land. You see what I’m saying? Sure, sure and where you are from people walking down a street smoking
joints openly No, no, in my country in Sweden, right i would be considered a drug addict If a person were to see you publicly smoking? yeah Really? yeah yeah yeah it’s like uh… if they see me now, it’s like oh shit he’s really gone far deep. It’s a tragedy I’m curious what’s happened to Amsterdam’s uh… it’s it’s done Tourism? It’s done, the Mayor did away with it. No, no the Mayor opened the doors again Oh ok. Was it killing tourism? Completely destroyed tourism. The hookers are not enough, ok? it’s never been enough Las Vegas learned that thats why they overturned their law. I’m sure that’s why Li’l Wayne stopped going. He said that in a documentary that Amsterdam was his favorite place to go because of the weed. When I was a teenager and did my whole backpacking trip through Europe I expected to spend five days in Amsterdam, I think like a week and a half later I decided I need to get on a train and explore other parts of Europe now. it’s not just a play place and not just because of that it’s also a wonderful beautiful place in history a
lot of fun and walk around and um… yeah I got stuck there for a while I just want to say one thing, Copenhagen too, that’s a place Americans don’t really know in Copenhagen called Cristinania I’m sorry what? Cristiania and the thing is now they are kinda shutting it down and stuff but you know it’s still a good place to go. What do they do there? Smoke a lot of weed. and uh.. you know it’s just if you go to that outpost where I’m from. That’s the the place to be. I gotta check this place out. Next time you go home, I’m taking a camera, bringing the crew and coming with you. It sounds like heaven. I may never come back. Yeah you know like a little Rick Steves. You know he’s for civil rights you know so anything related to civil rights he’s going to be for you know? We did a story with him, and I love that quote he said something about not per say there is something i a m glad I’m one of the only celebrities that that will come out and the balls
to say something he really does quality art too like his tv shows… like shit it’s so high brow it’s like uh… it leads right into this latest film that was just released two days ago or something online every year called “Breaking the Taboo.” it’s all about ending the drug war. you know Bill Clinton is on there and just tons of people the drug war has been a disaster we have a segment with Gabe Green about uh… the synthetic drugs like K2 and bath salts and they are actually very different check out the bubble here that uh… interview with Sarah Diesel and Gabe Green a lot of interesting information there well listen that’s all the time we have for this video thanks for watching us, check us out, click on the bubble above us It’s the CannabiNews Network, I’m your host Sam Humeid these are my friends, go burn one and join us for the conversation next time.

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  1. Hey CannabiNews fans, you spoke and we listened. We adjusted the length of the disclaimer at the beginning. We hope this makes for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

  2. you can really tell this guy is a mockery of the system, if you never did it…. yes by all means; tell me how to live

  3. The west coast is all the same pretty much when it comes to marijuana quality except really far down south in southern California sometimes you come across shity Mexican weed because there still close to the boarder

  4. They still want that money so DUI arrest will triple . They always throw it under the one lie that the sheeple eat up every time . .FOR YOUR SAFETY . People have been driving and working on pot for decades . If the police claim you are high then you are guilty because they say so and all your rights go away . Nothing you can do . You guys are lucky , Its around $200 for a 1/4 ounce where I live and damn hard to find . If you can find it they are always sold out in one day .

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