Oregon State University College of Pharmacy

I decided to, one day, open up my own business,
and perhaps be involved with the pharmaceutical industry. So from there it led me on to apply
to pharmacy school. I guess with a smaller size–90 students, transitioning through four
years together–you kind of develop a close relationship. So right now, let’s say, everybody
in our class as of this moment, I feel like they have a role. They’ll either be technically
savvy, or they will have–if you want to look for a particular guidance, and evidence in
terms of a therapy, you know who to ask. During our whole course of education, we get
to be in multiple settings, whether that be a clinic setting, a hospital setting, or a
community setting. The experience that we get with two years in Corvallis and then our
third year coming up here to OHSU is unlike any other program. What sets us apart is that
transition. Most programs you just stay in one particular location, but in getting those
two different location experiences, we’re just given a lot more opportunity–and given
a lot more opportunity to grow within yourself, professionally and personally.
The role of a pharmacist is very dynamic, and it allows you to work in very diverse
healthcare settings. In the old days, pharmacists just stood behind counters and distributed
medications, but nowadays they’re becoming healthcare providers. The college of pharmacy
also offers a Pharm. D MBA program, and a Pharm. D Ph.D program, all of which can be
transitioned to the Portland setting. So I got my undergraduate degree in chemistry
from Oregon State University, and then I loved it here so much and thought so highly of the
program here that I decided to stay on and do Pharmacy school here too. The biggest draw
for me to that field is the patients. They’re incredibly inspiring: they’re dealing with,
you know, so many hardships and so many challenges, I think pharmacists can provide a huge deal
of support. I think at the end of the day, they provide so much inspiration that I think
as a career, it’d be amazing if I could be involved with them.
What they’re really training us to be today are clinicians. So you know, they want us
to really understand the drug therapy that a patient undergoes. So I haven’t been exposed
to the hospital setting yet. I am really excited for that rotation because the second year
there is a large component of our rotation hours that go into the hospital setting. I’m
not really sure where I want to go but I feel like Oregon State really can prepare you to
go in any route. Oregon State students come out very confident
after this program because throughout the entire program, they’re constantly involved
in participating in the unique fields of pharmacy. I think that’s what’s the most exciting part
about pharmacy school at Oregon State, is that there’s so many different organizations
you can be involved with, and so much support we have here. There are definitely times when
you need that support system, and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced it quite like
I have here at OSU. This institution has given me skills that
I can apply to anything I end up wanting to do in the pharmacy profession.
I really had a good time at OSU, and I feel like if I could do it again, I would still
choose OSU.

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