Oregon State University College of Pharmacy Graduation

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Dr. Mark the interim dean of the
college of pharmacy and you that are much of members of the cost of 2019
members of faculty and staff say
which best friends and from an afternoon the ceremony
represents them and the 21st
year pharmacy student graduates
will issue in 19 years without
our own gr I speak on behalf of the entire
faculty and staff when I say
we’re very proud wondering which
grew men and women who have completed all the students that motivated
inspired all of us and has been
our collective pleasure to work
with them over these past years we now look forward to the next
stage as they begin their
careers and become our
colleagues and peers in the
profession pharmacy and biomedical research areas
for many years to come during this academic year
college fancy word for Dr.
Foster fear P HT degrees and
pharmaceutical sciences and were going to confirm 96 professional Dr. Pharmacy
degrees four of the form the graduates
will also receive their MBA
degrees and that all issue college of
business we’re very pleased that three of
the four Ph.D.s graduates an
idea of the 96 Formby degree
recipients recipients are you
with us the students come from a variety
of backgrounds and geographic
locations Pearson demographic
statistics of defying the
graduate 49% of the classes female 51% as
male which is, switch from
previous years the average age of art form the
graduates is 30 years reflecting increased maturity of our
students 80% of the form he graduates
Oregonian’s the other 20% of graduates come
to us from other states such as
Arizona California Maryland
Michigan Nevada and Washington
and i much of the class completed
their pre pharmacy training in
Oregon and 41% complete and some
are all their preforms to
training w nearly all graduates have
already accepted positions in a
variety of professional practice
settings ranging from community
pract 28 of our graduates will go on
to further their profession that
both by pursuing post
postgraduate training in the form of pharmacy
residency or postdoctoral
studies seven students of family members
were pharmacists all of whom are
going to college of pharmacy
legacy families a true testament that of the faculty of the
college of pharmacy is extremely
proud of the class of 2019 N
their achievements their hard work and commitment
to patient care has prepared and
to advance the profession of
pharmacy and become creative
leader with the choose to practice in
the community of hospital
settings to pursue postgraduate
education or public health
opportunitie they have acquired the
professional skills and the training and
relationships that need to make
significant contributions to improving the health and
wellness and the populations of
this are the factly and I are honored to
have help them prepare for this
exciting extension of careers
and we offer our heartiest
congrat I would now like to recognize
the faculty and staff of the
college are in attendance is
often said the most important
product of however it is the quality of the
faculty that defines the stature in
reputation of the university a university is its faculty and
unfair and privilege to work
with remarkable group of
scholars and educators who comprise a college of
pharmacy faculty this group of distinguished
bakaly seated onstage with the
help of the most successful year
in October 21 year history of
the co women over $25,000,000 in
Federal grant funding and this
fiscal year alone funding allows them to conduct
cutting edge research will
sample issue handle each issue and was collaborators are all
throughout the world the same faculty have provided
the D foundational science
background and broad clinical
training that has prepared a
class of 20 healthcare landscape will the members of the faculty
please stand to be recognized until selected and recognize and
offer mice sincerest
appreciation to all the
outstanding professional faculty
and staff in the this group of dedicated
professionals works extremely
hard to ensure students act when
these are continually mad and
that the co and I can attest to the fact
that none of this would happen
without the fish instead or all of the profession faculty
and staff members please rise to
be recognized also want to introduce two
special guests that we were
fortunate to have here today Dr.
Interface and provost and
Executive Vice and Dr. Elaine Andreessen
provost and executive vice
president of Oregon Health
science university of science
has both of these and graciously supporting our
students joining us today are
Steve bass from Fred Meyer and students are going Paul
walker from Albertson’s come both both groups have been very
actively engaged the program is
my great pleasure to see them
and welcome your comments and
surm to represent the class of 2000
in 19 77 outstanding career with us
during our educational journey
and has been a strong student
leader she has a few words to share
with the cost think about the need of the estimates of the friend’s
family set up the members of
graffiti on behalf of the class
of 2019 and thank you for joining us in
this special moment and it is my limit is the future
a about month ago I was asked to
give a speech today at the
ceremony and at the time I was
imperious he defended Y and sell
meetin yet I did not know this would
give me a new threat midlife
crisis of I’d buy it gets these ridges
come to mean actually side
weighted by dint of that for sockeye started to watch movies
listen to music that retarded
cause to fight the good quotes
by diving marker be a few Knowlton
these innocent if citing the call of shots are
edit for its beets and you have
to beam Shiraz have something
memorable inspirational we have
to av self-eyed and a lighting against
the sway the heart of a reading
of it from covering a sudden wave supervise the day I
tried if I was a motion offense
and mixed feelings and am up to
two weeks ago buying as an event send out we’ll become what we
design is set up when you get
into this program I can only speak for myself by my side this program and even
throughout this program I
doubted myself many times in the
past to myself and I’m really going
to be a pharmacist or is this
the right track for me and I will entail a Wan said Kent that
cannot be developing easing
client will meet their expanse
of China trial and suffering
camisol and is an inspired and success
achieved their all of these doubts in a
securities and time and times
again which is displayed the basic skills applied a
clinical knowledge and supporting one another
including myself do this any something get some ideas for
helping me and one another and
they are in space of time and
suffering think here from firing me by
selling that whatever type and
yet you are a sign the fact that the gatekeeper
parkway dedication and
consistency and last for years have been an
amazing time for me to get to
know all of you and sunset to
share while all the great
stories an much as I am writing to a team
from all walks of life and
beyond at the hearing four years
ago in the closet quantity as
unknown but we all came together for
comment: too bad it’s Archimedes
and patients and I started together we all
experience at some point the
recent joint in agony as us insomnia in some sort of
captain addiction we laughed and cried together.
I’d take one another up when one
of this was down but like all the things this
journey has finally complete its
ports and it is coming to an end I believe this is not the end of
routed the beginning yard today all this will once
again to embark on their own
separate five in my calendar pass any of the
individuals being honored to get
serious the company knowing that
education and training and
supporters precept various other members of
the Far East immediate families
and friends activity to find
that says whether you may end up to other faculty and and a sentence possible to
convey more it’s the sense of
gratitude the the students yet
with all of you but over the
past four y yet all preparedness to the best
of your abilities for the real
world and I would also like to express
my appreciation to all the
friends and family started
supporting all of my colleagues without year and a slab guidance
and support this journey would not be a long
day’s journey would be a lot of
faith and also think you for putting
up with S1 ever we would want
the jury is any of my classmates would be
willing that is take a moment to
thank all the people in
attendance today as well as
those who cannot think you might think clearly remember for
years ago when we were in our
way quotes an appetite than I
imagined this time but yet here we are getting
banal into And gowns and at this time I’d like to
take the opportunity to ask you
are free help in joining me to
congratulate the Isa card if I meet the press
of 2019 and as a fifth that the senate as most you’re probably aware
that Dr. Pharmacy for funded
program is unique collaborative
partnership between Oregon State
univ in Portland the state’s only
academic medical center 40° actually jointly awarded by
both universities and students
spend time on both counts one faculty are employees of all
issue the majority of fact we
have joint appointments in which
a shoe departments and institute in fact nearly half of the
25,000,000 new dollars in
Federal funding their faculty of
one share bid one as part of the
collabora that’s not my pleasure to
introduce Dr. Elaine Andreessen was joined a survey to represent
only to issue Dr. Increase in
the services act is provost and
executive vice president since
Oc than 2014 where she oversaw the
successful effort to secure
petition and recruited from
Indian she continues as a professor of
epidemiology and the new school
of public health are print recent joint going to
issue 2011 after serving as a
professor and found in Cher
department of epidemiology and biostatistics at university
for the college of public health
and health professions she
trained as an epidemiologist
receive and she received additional
training and Health Services
research has had a very
productive and distinguished
academic room with Dr. Andreessen serves as PRI of
the Oregon office and on
disability and Alfredo each
issue which is funded through
the centers f were up were honored to have Dr.
Andreessen with distributed to
address the cost of 2022 strong
will convert the state thank you back to the end of
thinking class representative
assign me and you may be
crediting that the wine for your
being here but when thank you for that well, Friday and two graduates
faculty friends and family and honored to be here today as
we recognize the significant
achievements of the tray 19
graduates of the OSU Valley to
see the court in the strategic vision of
a way to see ways partnership as
you heard where the only health
science center of the sites entering the state
from and in order to succeed we
seek partnerships that the debt
health and science innovation pa and partnerships and enhance the
educational experience for
students so that Oregon State university,
just you and pharmacy program is
a picture perfect example of
plotting partnership into action this unique program combines
always use an incredibly
rigorous scientific foundation O
with a waitress use broad based
clinical so does you issued today and
experience learning enclave of
Life Sciences building it’s a
physical embodiment of the kind
of par and educational content are many
innovation fosters into
professional and take a patient
focused approach to Health Care said the train alongside the
students pursuing other health
professions creating the
environment in which will
practice as a pan S somewhat unique in the nation
everyone talks about the
depression. Very few programs
have come together with a number
of disci some of you I had a chance to
just PM are going to see campus
for World Cup have a teacher
professional activities there in
Klam its periods and observations and
getting us feedback have allowed
us to continue the expansion and
that clarity are in quality of four Oregon Health
professional students and to
learn in a rural setting up the Winifred denies Dr. Mark
the trees commitment and
leadership on both campuses and sure you can appreciate the
challenges students especially
from a supporting faculty and
students and two campuses
separated and my time without deleting his
understanding has been really
useful about the changes and
academic and clinical pharmacy does the things I’ve learned a
lot about in the last year and
I’ll do what they can freeze
personal warmth and support as
an aca sell nearly every day we made
headlines detailing changes in
Health Care from hell is funded
and delivered to an accelerating pace of
scientific discoveries but what is going to change
without that you’ve seen
changing your education going
forward is the clatter of nature and
providing patient focus care as a Dr. Pharmacy recipients the
doing of research you play of
frontline: the delivery of that
here working in collaboration
wit together across the spectrum of
health professionals the evidence of system says that
we must partner and collaborate
to improve care outcomes reduce
fares have been enhanced patien you disappoint is involved in
understanding systems and
appropriate use of medicines in
preventive cheer it said Polly 50 repeats today we recognize their
academic achievement will also celebrate the personal
commitment values that led you
to pursue pharmacy is a career in a different reasons for that
assumes that you must share
education to serving others and
help patients feel better and
recove so congratulations class of 2019
for committing to this reporting
and ever challenging profession
of adding an incredible please if the two Dutch reducing for your
thoughtful motivating message
for graduates their families
would greatly value our
collaboration at this time despite states are
to introduce torture interface
are provost and executive vice
president of Oregon State
universi as chief academic officer of
university Dr. Fraser overseas
11 academic colleges university
honors college the graduate
schools divisions of factly fares than
Roma management undergraduate
education student affairs outreach and engagement and
information and technology and
it’s not written here but I’m
pretty sure he was a finalist
for head enough, will assume that he
oversees that also oversees
university’s annual budget
development and strategic plan previously provost fraser’s held
several leadership roles of the
University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign including
interim pr dean of the college of fine arts
fine and applied arts and headed
the department of urban and
regional planning he also serves
a at the alliance Manchester
business school at the
University of Manchester UK pro spacers a professor of
public policy with expertise in
regional economic development
and he holds a PH team regional
plannin six marks the interviews for the
baseball coach when trying to
slow step was when somebody else I’m really pleased to be here
was being weak the faculty and
staff to call it the pharmacy
where calling for an OHSU
proposed in a celebration of signals the conclusion of one
chapter and beginning of another
new lives and careers I hope he
takes time to pause and reflect
j it also marks an important
milestone to use it for your
family and friends they
supported you in many ways
emotionally proud of I’ve never explained my mother
and a lot of reading my sister
and three years was different
than the HP requirements of few
word so I’m sure your family and so
was relieved in your rigorous
course of study the fraternity partnership
between OHSU and OSU’s you are a
way to talk about you that sold
in the classroom and research
and co of that knowledge was keenly
good or excellent caller from
his faculty in their research
funding rank among the top 2535
schools perspective when cutting edge
were creating solutions to the
open open with prices for
treatment of diseases and
escalating arms I was one of the eighth of
knowledge the inspired a
decisive leadership of professor
mark leaf and serve as interim
been this pa as Kirkman to the core mission
of the call to pharmacy is
advocacy for the role it plays
OSU’s academic portfolio and in order
to be on his effectiveness and
stirring up or ship with a
waitress you have some
significant in college of pharmacy and OSU are
much better for his leadership
fight more graduates you are internal
repression in Tibet and signing
time position to be both leaders
and partners with others in
preventi this is also an especially
exciting time due to the
practice of pharmacy and
seaboard in two years ago Oregon
became one of the as a critical part of healthcare
T Norton web site are also
recently passed a second when
we’re building two and it will
certify pharmacist to prescribe
a bowl Ber since the bill’s passage in
2000168 other states and the
District of Columbia as follows our caller has been a leader in
preparing services for this new
role including two of our ship
of state board of pharmacy
involv reason: Pharmacia research
suggests in the first two years
at school all went into effect
for Mrs. Prescribe the
perception prev for the rebels shows that pharmacists went from
Cicero of the script and
contraceptives access to birth
control increases the risk of a
one to produc you later a profession in a position to further extend
its positive outcomes Wilson
contributed to further alleged
involvement of pharmacy practice
and wallet was you were you involved
in the city developments in
other ways as well you were
among the first classes inform
the stud is building its fans of
collaborative relationship
between OSU a notice you will
bring students in all the health
professions to of my sites buildings also
catalyze nutrients disciplinary
biomedical research
opportunities for faculty and
teach the students several view of imported bridges
level of care clinic in Portland
Board the ship of OSU or when
state This project was one of tens of
credits recognize this year with
less use of reaching the award
for its business class includes 13
students if a Dr. From cedar
trees and are pursuing an NBA is
as you leave much of the
innovative far in areas ranging from navy
practice management large
healthcare organizations forties
graduates are both degrees along
with few congratulations also has a menu
warrior. He has been forwarded
by the university of new college of pharmacy
Ph.D.s and publish their work
and some of the top
international journals receive a
student scholarshi and Oregon State university
beside the statutes were highly
trained in their chosen field of
study and work with the
motivated t for proud of you and I wish you
the best if you make your way in
the world over your knowledge
and expertise to bear in
improvin if the two processor for inspiring
or some class of 2019 and their
guests, superstar molested bulls
provost said Andreessen improve next the college of pharmacy
will recognize the
accomplishments of the members
of the graduating class to
distinguish themselves will be presented by Dr. John
for no gain on third partner
pharmacy practice and actress
assaults chair of the apartment
pharmac for a new weapon for each year the number of
organizations asbestosis them in
recognizing excellence moment
and among those individuals
enjoying slickers identify more difficult
tasks that the rest to do when your name is called please
come to the states to receive
your work about the fields somebody would say behavior
difficult to carry into be
retrieved up exclusion of the
ceremony and reception area the first civil wars will give
the company or decisions that
knowledge and importance of
effective communication and
pharmacy communication between
pharmacists other health professionals and
most important patience is vital
for translating a perfect fit
the plan into an optimal health
an Rebekah that’s that is the recipient of a mile
of excellence and from seaward
mile of excellence and pharmacy
awards recognize that graduate
st Rebekah is an outstanding leader
in the profession to reflect
into a classmate’s to receive a
certificate of knowledge in the
wa that have if a decidedly these is the recipient of the
excellence in clinical
communication award sponsored by
Wolters kluwer of this award is
presented mist innocence here written and
verbal communication skills
incredible thing but he’s as excel academically
and has tentatively billeted
communicator knowledge
effectively to the patient for
excellence is 31 years of spades and selects a
complete from its award we are joined by 2006 to 1 that
appears in helping from the
fastest and clinical pharmacist
opinion processes will present
this the ISP HS excellence in public
health pharmacy practice award
and knowledge as students were
active in developing innovative
ap today is the city and is
recognized for his leadership
and collaboration establishing
the first esteem run free clinic
in Oregon on behalf of our chief
pharmacist and typing and I’m
pleased to present this award to
Kevin Christie if if of the necks of awarded a five
graduates with really
demonstrated leadership while
earning a professional from
seed. What they were involved in
student organizations and
community outreach stood up
academically or leather class by
example to ent we begin to recognize and two
individuals for academic
excellence the market
outstanding student in pharmacy
award goes to rest if if it is a really fine job is to set up so I did not describe the
ward says that in the nineties
and booked at the Ataturk award
is given annually to two graduat and doubled in all of the other
with other skills to optimize
base and if there was include
copies of both the Merck Manual
of d next update you ideally a cheap
and award is given each year to
an individual has distinguished
himself as the leader in their c this year’s recipient is pure at
its if you ever leave the acute in a
war before the distinction of
being the oldest award will
present today you will receive
an award if to the EPJ as the senior
recognition certificates of them
even while if the C Messina recognition city is
given to graduate with exuded
the ideals of patient care in this industry exceptional
service and commitment to the
profession to involvement and
professional organizations
meeting was if the American Society of falsity
pharmacist Ortiz HP plaque is
awarded two Shannon O’Leary if it sees these of national
organization represents
pharmacist is patient care
providers and acute in
literature since the siege b chairman is past president of a
speedy chapter during the presidency Sharon
Ordonez annual leadership
seminar at the conversations is
widely networking event which
forms the s should they did two posters at
midyear highlighting policies
average events and volunteer
interdisciplinary student
services in that if the final words written to
students have steadfastly to
demonstrated that often
surpassed essential
characteristics of student p specifically to help education
leadership professional
engagement patient care of the
sea and so proud to be created. Each recipient will seat will
receive and scrap plans for
excellence in publication reward
thee I sing if the absence of leadership award
business of recipients is
Shannon O’Leary if that’s the key is to ship to update of excellence and professional
engage in recipients as liaison if from the fifth the promise of that its bid for
excellence in peace Internet is
the reward Cameron had a half Leslie for excellence is going
to be created a Greek reward but
even if if so that again to graduation sue
the entire graduating class from I’m sincere noting the city also
exemplified it, since the entire
class please join me in
congratulating all of them one
more ti Lawrence the doctors lost your pitch to
degree in master of science are
ms degrees are the two highest
academic degrees offered by
Oregon these agrees take several years
of dedication to advance
coursework and research training the history students receive
their diplomas which must be
conferred by the dean of the
graduate school during the main
universit but we want to recognize them as
they were part of the college of
pharmacy commencement today as
well look at this from agree it’s Dr.
Philosophy and pharmaceutical
sciences please rise and come forward and
your name is called headed by Dr. Tara to let thank you everywhere and I’m
excited for what comes next Friday night after Macphail stated it started a post at the
University of Utah he would like
to think his family friends and
advisers Dr. Macphail for all t if they did find Dr. Mahmoud think he’s my family and friends
for supporting my education riots is this is what you’ve
been waiting for a look at us for that. Dr.
Pharmacy please rise if this marks the 19th year or to
cedar city has warned the Dr.
pharmacy degree this is the
highest professional practice green pharmacy and a
prerequisite for licensure as a
pharmacist going forward a
degree programs unique as polish
jew nor a tissu began as the force of completed
all of the rigorous academic
training of the college of
pharmacy curriculum as proof of
fact and and responsibilities there and
in testimony there a lovely to
present you want to be presented
with two doctoral it’s a long
str if so that the graduates could not
be seated by graduates talk to the lender
will call your name a tool attachment of the market
you come up that in a row that page will attach an alumni
been under down and you walk
across station beheaded by
either Dr. Brady suit your Dr.
Olivier Lebed continue walking across
the state receiver diploma from
me and he congratulated by both
provost and the end of that
applau I’ve noticed some of you are
wearing high heels and is huge
cracks in the state please do
not inserted the limo of these
facts a without a difference ceremony of
the new adapter that they you return
here see Dr. Laura able I would like that I would like
to think channel for starting me
on this pharmacy journey that
has been injured in the
appearance of the room of the CD a eight Q my dear family friends
and colleagues for all your
support I wouldn’t be here today
to listen for your continuous
encour Dr. Unless the money and 1/2 a team of thinking that the fuel
or increase think he’s my
brother is my best friends and
the rest of my family was
troubled hun a lot more events Anderson thank you to my family and
friends for all of your support Dr. Peter Adkins think he’s a nice to my family
friends classmates and mentors
have helped me through the last
four years you’re all amazing in
a Dr. Among the below best of eight seats being cute everyone
else me along the way especially
my family for believing in me Dr. Cameron Stoppard I’ll think your mom and dad for your
nonstop support came from grants
you officially have your
retirement funds grandma thank you for your
constant prison and calling to
say how much you love me take
your my dream come true any of
you with Dr. Rochelle of this ruling and extremely grateful for all
the love and support from Su
today by mom and dad by police
raids by big brother and me and
mine Dr. Jenny Chan see my family and friends think
you also think you a summit for
all the list and help me get
here today by push onto an eight it’s been a long journey
and I could not have done it
without my family and friends
thank you for all of your
support Dr. Justin Chen I would like to thank my family
girlfriend in France for their
support for a visa for years Dr. Kevin Christie a half thank you to all of my family
and friends for all of the
support these last four years
I’m looking forward to reading
the next c Dr. DOS and ½ a Yankee cell must all of my
friends and family who supported
me and my view while still beats doctors unfolded that ADR if Iraq, Somalia was making
about a load of as you shoot
across the sky in the entire
way, mayor kelly’s there’s got to do some comments season might think his pants
grandparents and suffering for
all of their lives support and
encouragement over the years he
playe Dr. Giovanna been off half as he sat on my family
and friends were standing by my
side throughout this test of
these inmates thank you for this
to I would have made it without all that but that’s a bottoming half a season a family for their
support and encouragement
throughout this journey at
Forrester avoiding career as DVD
pharmacists and Dr. Tyler doing if they would like to think his
family especially his parents
for supporting him during these
last four years he’d also like
to get time of the lighting at Klamath
ill health partnership as the
PSC next year at the main backer if think he’s a nice family and
friends now is the time for you
to reminds me what the student
for five Italians any zero Mary gates Dr., let’s sounded like to think his father
leary his brother’s Austin Alex
and Tony his sister back and his
friends story and fell for the Kyle will be completing a PCI
line with peace health in
Springville Oregon Dr. Rebecca, more guns I would be hit city without the
encouragement and support of my
family boyfriend friends
classmates mentors and
professors you a thank you for everything but the village is the half . We’ll be pursuing a PC why
when it got it in secret heart
medical center with a focus and
critical care and would like to
send Dr. Christiaan and Daniel
mountain enough time has the added like to thank her
family for the love and support
the key for these past seven
years the road was not easy but
com Dr. John whole 8:00 PM Monday at CNET’s time in
mobile for all of the sacrifices
you have a need for me they are
small medicine I noticed I wou Dr. Mario Sibley a bundle of
half the same results in my
family for their support from a
educational journey this is a first doctorate degree
in my family and a dedicated to
my nephews and nieces and nephew
for children to be a save as if if there is only Doctorow De Zoete wedd if I would like to thank the
faculty you think you get for
being the number one supported
me brothers and sisters are
always motiva can’t do that using a} time you reach this Point I’m
grateful for the friends and
expenses that I can throw from
Cecil thank you so much to my
famil Dr. Stephen lizabeth Jensen hall if I would like to thank my family
and friends for all their
support during pharmacy school
80 to make receptors and mentors
for ch Dr. Stephanie Jurupa that I would like to thank both of my
parents my Sister Mallory me
brother made me a wonderful
boyfriend. For continuously
supported Dr. 1000 Jones I’d like to thank my family for
them to support over the last
few years and all of my new
friends for making this
adventure cell Dr. Mr. Jobs’s if a few everyone it’s been a blast Dr. Ian Tom cruise if serious never lend me along with
a happy and long line Dr. Paul Martin Kersey half think he’s my parents for their
constant support they have both
always been there for me and I’m
very grateful for them think he Dr. Philippe Rosner half his time here has been notable
for representing us nationally
with the S&P clinical skills
competition in the ACC P
clinical pha for helping her along the
journey back to the mound and if you
have to go off than a stateful to her pants
grandparents faculty staff and
scholarship donors for
supporting her throughout the
journey she is Dr. Melissa Lambert I was eight years old and 80¢
become a pharmacy is that no one
in 10 straight to get weary and
today I’m very thankful that for Dr. Have intends to one heading the began his PC women
residency at Pacific surf health
plans this summer in bed Oregon
he gives special thanks to his f high Dr. Eugene lee thanks much to my family and
friends for their support and
prayers I promise they will be
no more doctoral degrees in my
life ways makes this moment more
meaningful I am excited that fed
next chapter of my life a
pharmacy practice Dr. Dean of the half CIA wants to thank the friend’s
family and faculty members who
supported and I did. Through her
education and helped create fine but this only ½ friends we’ve come a long way in
our future is bright I am so
proud of you guys Hammonds a
lease thank you for your support
and Dr. Bull move think he saw the people who have
helped me get here including
family teachers faculty
classmates healthcare
professionals and as Dr. Tyler main half a few too many friends
family emitting my for helping
me get to where I am candle and
I are excited to be starting the
next Dr. Need a symbolic if thank you ma’am in death valley
supporting me thank you to my
sister for being a rock thank
you to the friends old and you
kept this one is for you in the
object that the Manuel Mendoza month in
his junior I’d like to thank god for his
many blessings I’d also like to
thank my beautiful wife was emit
a sense my wonderful parents and to my father and the Fred emits
you in which you are here on the team until a half I would like to thank all of my
family and friends for
supporting me doing this and
other not a completed 21
consecutive years o if after the other Mccollum if they walk across this
teaching graduate into a new
chapter of life by what I think
my friend’s family and finally
for the lov Dr. Johnson of London thinking of my parents brother
and sister in law for helping me
in many ways of the last four
years I could’ve done it without
y I’ve made Monday while I know
that the class of 2019 with the
great things Dr. Joshua Miller half thank you all for your support
and friendship over these last
few years Dr. Jennifer Marie deal thinking of my family and
friends were always supporting
me throughout this long process
that we can to smiling down and
know th Dr. Rusty Newcomb rested any key to academic
achievements to our father
mother and sister for the
continue button support and a
special thing teac Dr. Alan when half to buy to thank my family and
friends are helping me get
through these last four years in
queue for the meeting support
and love company and ½ and like to thank my family for
the continuous support a special
thanks to my partner naked of
Broadway’s believing in me I’m
ex 91 1/2 games mom for letting me
unconditionally and getting the
best education I could have been
truly blessed in grateful for
the inva got the summer time when think it’s my family and friends
for all that you identify the
entities years but the Vietnam , like to thank my professors
preceptors family members and
friends of help me forever that
the school after graduation of
pursu Dr. Greg Arthur Miller if as much things that I have never
let my schooling interfere with
the education readings as parents and siblings
for not getting a bunion is
getting its meaning Connie and
his lovely little family to
communic Dr. Joseph medical to invite to thank god made at nine
on my siblings and friends
without all of your support and
encouragement I did not be here
toda that the value: one half think you can we friends and
wonderful classmates and
packages for helping me to
pharmacy school class of 2019 is
the best of Dr. Shannon Woolard CNN like to thank her parents
lease times that of the
reinvestment shiny client for
the unlimited love and support
additionally Dr. Robert George Perry that
there would like to dedicate this
achievement of the borders
continue his guidance and Greece
and my wife and I also I think
my wife m got that if an event thanking me in France for
supporting me and my college
education the next chapter like
to become a great many
pharmacists just a Dr. Alexander and if half if a team of Chris support and
friendship that these years we
get Dr. Lori Ann 12 weeks to want to thank my family and
friends for all the Aladdin
supports a major needing
premises school in addition I
would like to Dr. Kelly it over all of the
meantime the one I think my family for
always been supportive that
major new permit the school and
the rain today the application
to live (loss since the ice thanks to those
who supported me mentored me in
helping maintain a steady
throughout these wildly as this
is surel that this is a ruling captain be here without the
incredible increase the first
thing we should like to thank
her parents priest and Mary
other siblin Dr. Christine roasted and I want to thank the wonderful
people in life and shouting and
waving support from the furnaces
will journey most about I think
m Dr. Michael Seidman added like to thank my family
most of all and recognize
another idea my father died Dr. Brian Smith to my family and friends think
you also might all be done to
help me get here today in Dr. Michelle Don Snyder so many people have called me on
this long journey at a special
like to think that has been
sheltering my parents my brother
and doctors use of half a greatly think of all time as
the staff and intercept thank
you to my wedding family and
friends that are supporting with
encou that the jonathan’s but I think he’s all my friends and
family Dr. Olivia Catherine Stewart
half thinking of my family friends by
mystique receptors and interest
to the guidance and support
reference to school after
graduatio the two young men, half of like to thank my family and
friends for their support my
threat this long journey after
graduation of a startling clear
the a at the time is 10 half thank you, god is love of my
family and friends for
supporting me through this
journey but this at all you’ve done some if banking family and friends via
support mom and dad thank you
for always encouraging me
thinking another in a caring for
your con at the time for an off if I’d like to thank my family to
continue to support the Japanese
drumming timing pharmacy school
the next two years I’m very exci that Dr. Andrew Serna would like to thank my mom and
dad and brother need for their
enormous support increasing
throughout these past four years that the Tiananmen told by the thank you to ever win tonight
for the support I made it has Dr. Kelly Waldrop think it’s all the criticism
presenters are putting up with
my endless questions and
clarifications to install like
to be the la happen to someone thank you all for the four years
of education wisdom finding
reeling exams I will hold dear
to my hard-won twice the future Dr. E long half the night to thank my family and
friends that are supporting lab
equipment and without you I’m
very excited to begin a resident Dr. John white and like to think it’s a
wonderful family and friends of
show me so much love and support
over the past eight years the
credit d got them of tonight between friends think
you also might all be done to
help me get here today but the maids and one thank you for everything on Dr. Krista muller would like to thank my family
and friends for all of their
love and support the discerning
and something called a bit parts
of u of the full of thumb 88 flash of insight record
keeper for the fastest testing.
Like many of the Lanes on that like to thank my mom and
dad jenny David and maybe for
the love and support think you
just simply encourage been
putting up but the masons than half a loaf of bread is a disease will
lead to edit the character
system and that I would like to
think about source friends
between gr a Dr. Bailey said things to my family for their
lives support encouragement
things to a friend’s featuring
me on it being great company
things lik all rights graduates of nature and registry oakley’s rise for study like the audience that
to join with the the faculty and
staff and congratulated the
graduates one more time with a
plu die of graduates to stay
standing in some ways to come
back and recite the oaths and
pharmacist that you wrote that
at the follo of the pharmacists I promise to devote myself did they get from fax at five in C
in fulfilling this that I will
consider welfare of humanity and
relieve the suffering my primate of a plan that knowledge and
experience and skills to the
best of my ability to set up the
offense for my patients Eilers
fact t I would bet that I thought the
geese and 70% of its income and I will hold myself and my
colleagues to the highest
principles of our professions
morrow ethical and legal content Allen bray sent out a key
changes to improve patient. I
will you let my is no leads the
of experiences and I disagree.
And next and take a spot on the with the
fall that edition of the
responsibility way which I am
interested by the public might sit down and sit down for men these ceremonies would not be
complete without paying tribute
to those who’ve helped the
graduates make it to the special
day and so will add the parents
spouses and children companion
supporting friends of the class
of 2019 please stand so we may
congra before we adjourn today I want
to welcome all graduates to the
family of your issue college of
pharmacy alumni I sincerely hope that college of
pharmacy were unimportant part
of who you are both
professionally and personally we
hope to see please don’t hesitate to contact
me personally or send us a note
to include in the alumni news
section of the below its newsletter or a bigger contact information
to the college of pharmacy
website I encourage you to take every
opportunity to share your
accomplishments big and small with its this is in Britain wants Wilson
said that electricity went and edits, I want all the
graduating class woman told the
P1 entering class of white coats
are Monica Sharon stone sounded
like because I am I think that you know that you
that you are a lot about this
work life balance. We thought about it the public input much attention
to it because you are working to
archer degree and I think that’s
positive and that’s evidenced so that look like boston’s
important but I think that you should work
as hard as you possibly can and I think it’s the reason to
do that is that you’ll never
know what you’re capable of them
issued through everything up
into t I think you should be the
pharmacist with whom you want to
work by an upload Mike Jackson as a bartender my at the meeting
place tavern in full of that’s not my dad and I used to coach the league
baseball with them and Mike
Jackson was city of these little
kids it takes zero talent to hustle and that means for you you
should you should sense what needs to be done in
pharmacy and do without the mask
and stay as long as you have to
tell the work is over and then you can worry about
this work life balance and so at least my wife tells me
nuts are important to conclude I would like to
extend my personal
congratulations to all of you all the graduates and award
recipients your achievements are to be
commended graduates and gas the 19th
annual graduation ceremony of
the college of pharmacy is
adjourned the audience’s request to remain
seated until the fact we
graduates have left the
auditorium but please precede outside to
join us on the 145 reception to
greet and congratulate
undergraduates congratulations
the college fifth if it fifth at it that it it it and thought
that hot gift that it hot gift
that if it put if it

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