Orange Regional Medical Center

♪ When you come into a place that is bright and new you can’t help being happy. It’s hard to describe the feeling of moving into a brand new hospital with the highest level of sophistication it’s an excitement that is indescribable. At Orange Regional Medical Center everyone has an opportunity right now to write themselves into this story. We’re on a quest to be the best This is the first new hospital in New York in over twenty years. Orange Regional Medical Center is a health system in the Hudson Valley. It’s 354 private rooms for our patients. It’s a huge emergency department, everything is state of the art. Our vision is to be the best regional hospital in New York state. One of the main goals of the hospital is to serve our community. What we’ll have you do is we’re going to have you lie down. Whatever care they require they can get at Orange Regional Medical Center and don’t have to travel far from home. It’s very helpful to have the electronic health record system for every aspect of a patients visit. How are you doing today? I’m doing good. You’ve got four minutes for this scan, alright? The people that I work with are the best they’re the reason that I came. We’re just going to go over your screening form real quick before we get this test going. I constantly like to smile, constantly try to put myself as if I was in their position. Hi ladies, how are you? Our managers are always encouraging us to be out on the floors to be with the patients. Their primary focus is patient care. There is a lot of learning that they offer you also. We’ve invested in our employees through extensive education, training, and career development. A new system gives us a chance to do different types of tests. With MRI constantly changing, I want to definitely improve with it, grow with MRI. The hospital invested millions of dollars in technology and its people. We have all of the advanced techniques. We have ultrasound, vascular, diagnostic. We have a 64-slice CT. What we try to do is provide everybody with the tools they need. This is a great atmosphere where you can come and work in a team environment where you will be supported by your colleagues and work closely together in a true family environment. Our passion statement is excellence, efficiency and results in all that we do every day to make a difference. Here at Orange Regional Medical Center the employees feel honored about being part of the brand new facility because it is a once in a lifetime chance. People are very caring. They care about the patients, they care about their co-workers, they care about the community. The Hudson Valley is one of the most beautiful areas in the world. You are only an hour away from New York City but you’re surrounded by mountains and amazing landscape and it’s a very strong sense of family here. If you want to be part of a family, come join ours.

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