Orange Park Medical Center Trauma Team Saves Young Girl’s Arm

I’m from St. Louis originally and I moved
here in June. She was excited about coming but then she
got here and she was a little nervous. I actually transferred to Oakleaf High school
and went for two days. Then she had the accident. It was actually a first date. We went and got some Italian ice and he showed
me where he lived and kind of around Orange Park. On the way home he was driving pretty fast
through a neighborhood. I was on my phone and I looked up and the
car was skidding to the curb. So I grab onto the handle up there you know
and that’s the last I remember. Next thing I know the care was in the grass
and I was struggling to open the door. It was Smokey steamy outside. Scariest thing in my life it was like a dream
almost it feels like. We called the ambulance and they came and
I knew my arm really hurt but I wouldn’t look at it because he just told me don’t
look at your arm, don’t look at your arm. And it turned out that I was actually de-gloved. The phone rings at 12:30 and I look over at
my husband and I was like its Caleigh, I said she’s going tell me I’m running late. It wasn’t. It was a police officer. He said, your daughter’s been in an accident. I said alright. I need to know what hospital. I said, I’m not from here, we just moved
here. The closest, the best, what do you suggest? He said I suggest Orange Park. I did not have one nurse or doctor that I
didn’t think was helpful or caring for me. Everyone was just wonderful I just I can’t
even say enough. The doctors, the nurses, they always rallied
around. We became a family. When we go to their office they are so genuine. You don’t really know what’s going to
happen next. I didn’t know if I was going to have my
arm next week. Just having someone there to comfort me to
tell me we’re going to make it through this together really just made the difference. They made sure I got everything I needed then
and there. They wanted me to get in and out but be content
with my time being here. We wanted the best for Caleigh and they wanted
the best for Caleigh. That Lee she’s been with me the whole way. I had wound care over the in the other buildings. She would leave ICU just to come see me in
wound care to make sure I was happy, safe and comfortable with my doctors. She’s visited me in physical therapy. They’ve done everything to make me feel
great. If you go anywhere, go to Orange Park. I think they’re just top notch. I’m Caleigh Bryan and I living in Orange
Park, Florida and I was a car crash victim and a trauma patient.

1 thought on “Orange Park Medical Center Trauma Team Saves Young Girl’s Arm

  1. This trauma center is absolutely deplorable.
    The nurses are jaded and disgruntled, and talked negatively about me amongst themselves as though I was not in the room due to needing treatment for an alcohol related car crash. You don't need to agree with your patients' poor life decisions to treat them with dignity and keep your opinions to yourself. As one of the most expensive hospitals in the United States, I'd say the least they can do is keep their shit-talk to themselves so I'm not paying to hear it.

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