Orange Park Medical Center – Hospital of the Future

(light music) – [Narrator] When you
step through the doors of Orange Park Medical Center, you’re stepping into
the future of healthcare where technology connects
you to your caregiver and your caregiver to
the hospital network. With our high tech platform,
clinicians are more efficient, processes are improved
and patients receive the best quality care. – [Female Caregiver]
As caregivers we wanna make sure that our patients are informed, that they are comfortable and that they feel safe. And the my care board
actually accomplishes that in a great way. – [Male Caregiver] If a patient is needing their provider, their nurse or their tech they’re able to use their call light. And if the nurse is
tied up in another room, they can talk to that person privately on their imobile device. ViSi Mobile is a wireless
monitoring device that monitors a patient’s vital signs and it allows the nurses to
really know what’s going on and keeping the nurses updated
on the patient’s conditions. – [Female Caregiver]
Our overall goal is that our patients come in to
receive the healthcare that they need, but as well
have an overall great experience here at Orange Park Medical Center. – [Narrator] With our patient smart bands, doctors can quickly
access your information and track your progress through the ER. Streamlining processes so that you receive the best care possible at
Orange Park Medical Center. Our technology is here to help you. This is the hospital of the future and this is where you want to be. (light music)

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