OR Nursing at UVM Medical Center

(soft music) – The culture within in
the OR always get bad rep. You know, you always hear
those stories of surgeons throwing
instruments across the room. I will say that that
does not exist here. – It’s a very friendly environment here. This is one of the most friendliest units that I’ve ever worked on. – We’re a close, tight
knit group of nurses working with regular surgeons
on a daily basis. They are likely family to me. We can kind of finish different tasks that the other person may be starting or even finish people’s sentences. – When I go out and
I do my patient interviews in the morning
and I tell people, “Doctor so and so is gonna
take great care of you,” I mean it and I know it. I see how they care
for the patients. I see how they perform surgery. – I’ve worked for other
hospitals in the past and I can say that
the surgeons here, they really go the extra mile
to make sure that everyone on the team understands what’s going on.
And they love to teach. They just love doing it. – [Woman] We do a really
awesome orientation, even for experienced nurses coming to us from outside facilities. We really cater it to the person. – [Woman] Experienced nurses that come from other institutions
are really impressed with our adherence
to AORN standards, but also what we have put in place with process improvements
and project initiatives. – You’re usually asked to be involved, so you have ownership in making sure that you’re running a good OR. – Nursing is going
through a huge change here that’s really, really exciting, that allows some of our staff nurses to partake on those
committees that get them outside of the peri-op services. One of the things
that I’m most proud of is the quality of our practice here in the operating room but
also at UVM Medical Center. – Moving to Vermont
has been everything we expected. We have three daughters
that we’re trying to raise, 13, 10 and 7, so the
environment is something that’s really very important to me. – [Woman] Moving to Burlington
was such a great idea. It’s clean, there’s tons of night life. It’s not just bars. There’s arts and music all the time. Outdoor sports is something
that’s huge around here and I love the opportunity
that all year round you have something that you can do. – When newcomers come
to the operating room, one of the things that
you immediately notice is the amount of personal
pride that people have in the work they’re doing. They are very task-oriented
individuals who understand how their piece fits in
to the greater whole. That’s the neatest thing
and that’s an integral piece in helping us to accomplish
everything that we do. (soft music)

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