Online Clinic Reverses Type 2 Diabetes?

– And I want to bring into conversation, you mentioned Dr. Sarah Hallberg. And for people who really
get engaged in this, you’ve seen some really good results. – Yes, I mean, as a doctor
who’s been working in the field, I knew this worked, but to
see reversal on this scale in our trial, is really remarkable. I mean, our patients have accomplished what everyone thought was impossible without surgery in the past, which is to significantly
lower their blood sugars while reducing medications. In fact, our patients who
began the trial on insulin, 87% of those patients
had the insulin decrease or completely eliminated at 10 weeks. Those are transformative results. – Well, it’s important
to highlight diabetes becoming ever-more common,
and a lot of times, people would get the
diagnosis and feel helpless, and I think we’ve, now nine
years hosting this show, talked about look, without a
doubt, diseases happen to us, but we have a lot of
opportunity in our own lives to improve our own outcomes,
and I think, Janine, you are a shining example of that. So, I would say to you
as an individual, kudos. Thank you for sharing your story and best of luck going forward. We’ll be right back.

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  1. try reverse type one which would actually help alot espically for me I'm only 12 yet I have type 1 diabetes

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