One RGH Nurse a Ninja Warrior

>>A mother of two is making good on a promise she made to her sons years ago. Kristina Eder works at Rochester General
Hospital but says she wasn’t always the healthiest person, worried about being
around four young sons and wanting to be a better mom. It pushed her to make a
life-changing promise. News10NBC’s Stephanie Robusto has her inspiring
story.>>For 10 years Kristina Eder has been working as a nurse .>>122 over 58.>>A life savings and life changing career.>>I come into nursing,
I see people younger than me passing away, unfortunate circumstances. I see the
worst of the worst a lot of sick people. And it made me realize that this life is
short and we all deserve to live it.>>Which is why in 2015 she decided it was
time to make a change.>>I made the promise to the kids that I was going to get fit
and be healthy mom.>>It was her youngest son’s first birthday, she set the goal to
lose 65 pounds by Christmas. She didn’t stop there,
losing a total of 90 pounds over the next few years.>>And so I just continued
to keep setting goals and kept hitting them and eventually led to Ninja Warrior.>>The ultimate test of your strength and endurance, an NBC show she usually
watches with her kids she was suddenly competing in.>>My little guys are standing
there on the sidelines — that that nobody can ever take away.>>The single mom from
Macedon becoming a super hero to her two sons.>>Big swing.>>Instilling a lifestyle of
fitness and fun as a family. Working out at the Warrior Factor
in Henrietta nearly every day together.>>Yeah here I start this journey for them
and now I’m here acting like a child just like them you know and I’m able to
do it that’s the most important part because me four years ago would not be
able to do anything here.>>Her episode of American Ninja Warrior
will air on Monday but Kristina doesn’t know if producers will pick her story to
air in that episode or not new at six you’ll hear from her on why win or lose
there’s a bigger meaning behind her competing. Stephanie Robusto News 10 NBC

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