One Cross Medical Clinic May 2018 Business of the Month (Campbellsville, KY)

My name is Kim McKenna-Johnson and I’m
the owner of One Cross Clinic here in Campbellsville, Kentucky. I just want to
let you know a little bit more about us. Our mission is that “Through the love of
Christ, One Cross Clinic will offer high quality health care of body, soul, and
spirit to all we serve.” We here at One Cross Clinic recognize that the future
of our community is in our youth. This year we have gone into Taylor County
school systems and developed a school-based health program there. One of
the things I do every day is I visit our school locations where we have One Cross
Kids. Each and every day [I] pray with the nurses every day see if there’s anything
they need and if they have needs during the day I go and get whatever they need
and take it to them. One of the recent problems in our community that has hit
our community is the opioid crisis and One Cross Clinic wanted to address that
problem because it has hit our community and that’s one of the problems in
our community. So in that we have developed an integrative mental health
program to deal with that. Our mental health provider here specializes in
addiction and we’ve also taken and integrated that with medicine and one of
the programs that we’ve started as a Vivitrol program. Vivitrol helps to
stop the craving of opioids as well as block the effectiveness of it. We hear
from many of our Vivitrol patients that they have their lives back, that they are
now productive members of the community, working. They have their socialize back
and they are able to actively work on the problems that brought them to
addiction in the first place.

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