On the Road in the DRC – Dr. Mukwege & Panzi Hospital

(music playing) Dr. Denis Mukwege: I was born
in this region and I can tell you that before the war,
this was a wonderful place. It’s so sad to see what
is going on in this region who is now
completely destroyed. The environment is
completely destroyed. All these children who are going
through a terrible trauma. What is the future
for themselves? What is the future for their
family and the whole population? This hospital was created in
1999 and the goal was to support women because it was really
a catastrophe in this area. And this terrible sense
was sexual violence, with extreme violence
and brutality on women. So, today, we received
a visit of Dr. Biden. It’s a big support of women
and I can see how women were very happy to receive
her, to talk with her, to discuss with her and feel
that they’re not forgotten. With the psychology can
support, to bring them, to feel that they’re still
human, they’re still women, and they can
fight for their rights. They can fight for the
rights of the children. This is something that
is touching me a lot. When you can see them
singing, dancing, I think that it’s because
of also we have a big team of psychologists. We have a team of social
assistants for supporting them to just to — to cope with what
happened in their own life. I don’t lose hope. I still hope that maybe in the
future we can get to be our women that have built
this sojourn and support people who are broken. To bring them to life again.

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