Omagh Local Enhanced Hospital – Flythrough

From 2016, the Omagh Enhanced Local Hospital will provide a range of leading age hospital services to the community. This will cover a range of primary, secondary and community health care services appropriate for local delivery to the people of Omagh and the surrounding district. In addition it will also provide state of the art diagnostic services, together with modern GP facilities. Public access for vehicles and pedestrians is from a new entrance on Donaghanie/Beragh Road. A well lit tree lined boulevard approach takes visitors to a bus and car drop off area near the main entrance and to 863 car park spaces. During the day it is envisaged that the majority of visitors will arrive at the main entrance where the main reception, information point, cafe, retail and waiting area are located. Once inside the main reception is on the left as is the entrance to the four GP practices. Beyond the reception you can see a waiting area and lifts. A short walk leads you to a shared GP waiting area with views of the courtyard. Patients can choose between convenient self check in terminals or speak confidentially to assistants at the reception desk. Patients attending the treatment room can usually go directly there using the urgent care entrance. The GP consulting rooms have been designed in close collaboration with General Practitioners and to the latest space and infection control standards. The entrance foyer is a large light filled space with check-in terminals. Towards the rear of the entrance foyer and beyond the cafeteria is a secure entrance to the children’s department. Passing the dining area and heading down the main street, past the multi faith room and another internal courtyard takes us to the Outpatient Department. This area has been designed with flexible scheduling of a variety of outpatient sessions. The 38 consulting rooms will provide adult clinics for eyesight, hearing, diabetes, fractures, skin and ENT. Alongside will be testing rooms for cardio and pulmonary investigations. The lifts and stairs at either end of the building take us to the first floor level. Services on this floor include dental suites, operating theatres, women’s health clinics and allied health professionals. Arriving next at the link corridor leading to the ward area. Here, staff care for a mix of patients in recovery and rehabilitation, and patients in palliative care. The ward contains 40 single rooms. Single rooms help to minimise the threat of cross infection and all have en suite facilities. Each base station oversees 10 bedrooms and patients can, if desired, see from their room the activity along the ward through the glass walls from floor to ceiling. There are 3 operating theatres for day case surgery, and 22 recovery beds. There is an endoscopy suite for internal examinations and faster diagnosis. At the southern end is an alternative entrance primarily for patients requiring urgent care, cardiac assessment, treatment room or needing X-ray images or scans. The ambulance transfer point will also be located here. This entrance is the hospitals 24 hour access point for on-call diagnostics and visitors comforting sick relatives. The GP out of hours service will also be based here each night and at weekends. Patients, staff and visitors can, weather permitting; can enjoy some of the external courtyard that separate the various building structures. These spaces also ensure that natural daylight can permeate into most rooms and all waiting areas in the building. This health village concept allows the Enhanced Local Hospital to consolidate services on a single site and enable integrated working and networks for health care staff. This hugely significant investment, costing in the region of £105 million, will provide modern patient centred services within the new hospital. This new development will also form a key foundation in the Western Trusts commitment to modernising its health care services and will ensure that high quality health care provision is delivered within the very heart of the community.

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