OHSU and Oregon Together for Health

Outreach programs into rural communities
are essential to both the mission of OHSU and to the care of those folks that
reside in the Oregon area. I’m in Astoria today for the Casey Eye Institute van that’s here helping people all over Clatsop county. These these programs will provide
care to people who may not otherwise be able to afford or have access to that
same high level of care that OHSU is able to provide them. The OnTrack OHSU program works with students in sixth through twelfth grade who are
traditionally underrepresented in the sciences. We have mentors from OHSU that come and work with our students so that they can get a better understanding of what they could do once they leave Jefferson High School. Night for Networking is the largest networking
event for people with disabilities in the country. What Night for Networking hopes to
accomplish is to be able to give people with disabilities an opportunity for
employment. It means that there’s hope in the community for me to reach my
potential and other people reach their potential, even though they have a disability. Virginia Garcia has a rich history of collaborating with OHSU, and having the students come and be exposed to community dentistry. I think it’s important to have dental students here at Virginia Garcia
treating our patients – it helps them get more experience and see different types
of patients than they see at the dental school. I feel like that we’re doing a
great service here providing dental care for underprivileged people at a lower
rate and if this clinic wasn’t here a lot of people would just neglect their dental health. OHSU really understands the importance of primary care and community health and improving our population’s health and OHSU
collaborates with partners across the state to improve the health of
Oregonians where people live, work and play.

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