Ohio State’s mobile dental clinic

>>SPEAKER 1: This might tickle. [buzzing noise from dentist tools]>>SPEAKER 2: For the last ten years, access to oral healthcare has been the number one unmet health need in the state of Ohio. Vulnerable populations in particular, that would be our children and our low income adults, has, still have difficulty accessing care. (music plays)>>SPEAKER 3: Now bite. Just like that, bite really hard, awesome, don’t move. Good job.>>SPEAKER 2: One thing that we are extremely proud of is the fact that we have digital, portable hand-held x-ray. So that will increase our efficiency when
it comes to our diagnostic capabilities, so we’re very excited about that.>>SPEAKER 4: We’re almost there. We’re going to count to twenty, okay, and then we’ll be done with that too. Here we go.>>SPEAKER 5: The number of procedures that we do, and I mean, we obviously do the preventive work. You know, we’re doing sealings on teeth, but we also, I mean, we’re doing, we’re filling teeth, we’re pulling teeth, we do stainless steel crowns. It’s amazing the procedures that we’re
able to accomplish on the bus. You know, at Ohio State, so you know, we’re learning the orthodontics, and we’re learning periodontics, we’re learning endo. We’re learning all these different things,
and pedo, I feel like we get just a taste of it. The great thing about this is that we get
a population of kids that we may never get come into contact with, some of us, you know, at school. And when we get out of here, some of us won’t deal with children. So it’s invaluable in my opinion to be able
to learn how to deal with a unique population. I mean, children are not adults. They come in with their own different fears and their ideas of what dentistry is and isn’t. And we’re able to mold that before they,
you know, get these feelings about like, “I hate the dentist,” or whatever. We can give them positive view of what a dentist does, and, you know, how to take care of our teeth, and that’s good.

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