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impressions of beauty change over time
as do our faces when we age smoothing out folds and wrinkles or
giving the mouth a fuller and more census form canal because out without foreign
substances crystalline products contain a natural
material hyaluronic acid which binds water in the
skin thus lifting and giving more firmness this non-surgical treatment which gives
clearly physical natural looking themselves but refresh your appearance
immediately and require no down time restylane leads the development of the
instant aesthetic treatment safe and longlasting beauty lift young skin is smooth and elastic and contains
a lot of hyaluronic acid which keeps the skin volume as we age the amount of hyaluronic acid
decreases which means that less water is bound in
the skin less moisture means less elasticity which in the long term computerized to
wrinkles humans has invented a method for binding
together molecules in hyaluronic acid in this way humans can produce is unique
and transparent joe close marcia from natural hyalyronic acid nasha is a safe implants for the body
and can be injected in the skin nasha remains in the party for a long time but
when the gel is fam broken-down it leaves the body completes me notion is known and unknown no pretest is needed you can have the
treatment on immediately and see the results within thirty
minutes restylane comes in three different
versions that can be combined with each other to obtain the best possible
results. the restylane products are used for the correction off forehead lines worry lines the doorbell alliance the perry orbiter lines cris feet the nasal if you folks the perry laurel and smile lines treatment if it all of commissions restylane products are also used
for lip enhancement and for shaping the contour of the
face for example the cheeks and the chin how then is the treatment done? well when wrinkles and lines are
treated restylane products are injected into skin under the wrinkles in this illustration we can see how the
gel is injected in the skin and how the wrinkle is lifted up and smoothed out the treatment takes about thirty minutes
and can be carried out with or without local anesthetic the results are immediate but when the
wrinkles are treated you should expect some redness and swelling which
disappears after a few days in addition to her nasolabial folds this person had her perioral lines treated her upper lip was also contoured here are some examples of people who
have had their nasolabial folds treated and these people have had oral commissures treated lips can be perfectly sculpted with
restylane to create a more pronounced month gel can be injected into the inside of the upper lip this can of course be combined with a
marking of the lip line and a better definition of the lines that go up
towards the nose often a combination of different
measures it’s used to achieve good results here are some examples of people who’ve
had their lips treated when the lips are treated most people prefer
to have an anesthetic which means that the treatment can be carried out with
the least discomfort for you after treatment most people have some
swelling and redness which usually disappears after a few days restylane offers instant aesthetic
treatment where the foundation is layed at the first appointment together with your doctor you can then
plan regular future visits to maintain good results follow-up treatments normally requires a
smaller amount of the product how long the product stays in the skin is
very individual many factors come into play for example
age, skin-type, lifestyle and muscle activity but the injection technique is also
important in general the effect of the treatment
lasts between six and nine months sometimes even up to one year for lips it can be expected the
effects last four to six months as the ideal of beauty constantly
changes it can be reassuring to know that resylane products are not permanent and gradually disappear from the body in this way you can renew your appearance
as time moves on today over a million of men and women
around the world has been successfully treated with restylane products our products are made under stringent control
and they come to you from sweden a nation known for health nature and beauty restylane is the safe natural and long-lasting beauty lift

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