Officer Lindsey Hospital Interview – Johnny Wheatcroft Police Abuse Case

what happened we were born into the motel 6 parking
lot from the north through the main area we saw a vehicle pull in they made
contact or saw us and did an immediate reverse and backed up into a spot so
they’re suspicious activity prompted us to welcome them at least try to have a
conversation I went up to the driver’s side door well officer Snyder went up to
the passenger side I made contact with the male driver who was still seated in
the vehicle a female who was in my back seat and the
driver’s side there was also two small kids inside the backseat as well while
talking with the passengers the female asked if she could step out because it
was hot in the vehicle i granted her the ability to get out told her just to
stand back by the vehicle so I could at least keep my eyes on where she’s at
officer Snyder my partner was over dealing with the passenger in his
conversation he kept saying stuff stop reaching down there I could see that the
passenger was trying to put his hands down between the seat and the middle
console officer Snyder kept saying you know quit tensing up on me he refused to
give him his name and information kept asking why I could tell that it was kind
of going a little bit south with officer Snyder so I started to go around to the
other side to try and help him out as I was nearing the front of the vehicle
officer Snyder says looks like he’s trying to fight so I got up towards the
passenger side he was still seated in the car we kind of told him to stop
resisting keep his hands behind his back I told
him if he continued to resist he was gonna get tased I did bring my Taser out
and placed it on his lower back tased he continued to resist with us did a
drive stun on him as officer Snyder was trying to get him into custody
during the drive stun it brought us back in towards the
the cab of the vehicle and at that point in time a white bag came flying from the
back seats and struck me above the left I didn’t know what was in the bag kind
of dazed me for a few seconds when I kind of stood up I lost balance and I
think at that point in time I fell back striking my head on the ground I tried
to get back up but everything was cloudy and days
couldn’t really get up I could just hear officer Snyder say stay on the ground I
remained on the ground until other backup officers arrived and pulled me
from the scene it’s probably 3040 seconds later I was able to get some
balance on me and I tried to get back up but everybody was already kind of
dealing with some subjects that were there at that point in time a lieutenant
who was also on scene grabbed me and took me towards his to get me out of the
scene and talking with everybody afterwards I found out that the white
bag that was that I was struck with was a bag that was filled with soda bottles
and soda cans that were full the female struck me with that swinging it at me you never saw her actually did you
though I never saw who did it I just saw the white boy on the way back were you
bent over I was or were you standing I was kind of half bent over in the car
because when I Drive stunned him it took his momentum back into the car which had
me half in the car and I was out for help coldest how we
split it for three to four seconds lost consciousness find out that that what
was in the bag was again full soda cans and full soda bottles fine okay anything
else at this point anything else at this point in time all right and it was just
a routine traffic stop they backed in trying to after they saw you they done
yeah when we were pulling through they saw us they were originally going to try
and make a turn into a parking spot going left they saw us and quickly put
it in reverse and backed up into a spot and you went to driver side I went to
passenger side correct you came around when officer Snyder kept telling him
stop resisting stop resisting don’t tense up on me I knew that the passenger
at that point the passengers were being compliant at that time and I knew that
the male subject that officer Snyder was dealing with was kind of combative so I
was trying to go there to help him out and assist him only reason why is
because when I hit this recording it that you know the 30-second buffer
probably no sound so that’s when I was just trying to cover the beginning a
little bit just just to make sure you’re okay that’s the most important thing
correct do you remember any statements made by
either no I had asked the driver the vehicle who the passenger front
passenger was who was arguing with my partner I asked
he was just a friend I asked him why he was being so confrontational with us kids she was back behind the driver she
was originally behind the driver in the backseat and then she exited the vehicle
when she asked if she connected the vehicle but when I got hit with the
object it was from inside from inside out toward you correct okay so she would
have had to reach over the front seat swing it out the open door all right

70 thoughts on “Officer Lindsey Hospital Interview – Johnny Wheatcroft Police Abuse Case

  1. Hahahaha I know a liar when I hear one. I can tell you this Cop doesn't have a shred of integrity in him. Hes in total "CYA" mode – Cover Your Ass

  2. Boy you are lying through your teeth. And you can see it all over your face towards the end of the video. Stop trying to cover up for your buddy. You're a horrible liar and it's making your credibility go down the toilet.

  3. Good cops who defend the actions of bad cops do so out of FEAR…..thats not a brotherhood, thats a gang.

  4. This guy gets hit with a plastic water bottle and is in hospital. The real victim the driver is tasered 11 times including the balls and penis and he doesnt go to hospital.
    This officer is just trying to justify the illegal actions they took. And he should be fired and charged with a crime for not stopping the psychopath with a badge and a taser.

  5. liar!!! they are not practicing their sworn oath "to protect and serve". law enforcement are paid thru our taxes.
    their employee position/title is civil servants to the U.S. citizens. the laws we created are the laws they should be


  7. He is not believable
    But that’s my opinion on studying all cctv footage from the beginning and body cam footage.
    Let the trial begin!

  8. It's a big lying what happened on the video what we see on the video it's nothing what are you saying Bing lying

  9. I have lived in Glendale all my life and I can honestly say the cops here have always been badge heavy pricks

  10. Glendale PD has been doing this shit from the 70 to now I know I grew up in Glendale they think there bullet proof

  11. Hey stop ripping on this guy he is suffering from a severe head injury? I'm sure that this ordeal has affected his memory of the event! it's a good thing that his gang of blue tyrants were able to coach him as to what events took place! You know targeting a citizen demanding ID from the passenger for a bullshit failure to use turn single then physically assaulted by pain compliance to get a reaction so that they can use their shinny weapons and sexually humiliated the victim in front of his kids! I wish the worst on these thugs jail is too good for these tyrants! Everyone of them should be forced to strip naked in public and be tasered repeatedly on there tiny little man parts while begging for forgiveness! I feel safer with drug users on the streets then these government funded gang members!

  12. This was staged that is why the bodycam is on. There was a pre-interview before the camera was ever turned on. Remember, the original event happened in 2017. Supposedly, officer Lindsey was injured by being hit on the head with a bag that had a water bottle in it. This cop is a liar. None of this ever happened. And, the police never thought anyone but the police would be checking to see if any of this was true.

  13. Where’s the medical care for victim?

    My mother was a store dectective, she was attacked by shoplifters with bag full of cans and bottles…. yet, she (a 140lb 5’7 female) was able to detain and charge shoplifter all by herself.
    Unlike this spineless monster, full of lies… and laughing at why he was there.

    Sincerely hope all involved get what they deserve from life, hope this family is able to continue lawsuits beyond city, police, insurance, if perp resigns to avoid prosecution.
    Civil suit would bring him and his to their knees.

  14. He's a liar if you look at the video this cop is la a liar. They lie to each other to protect themselves from the crimes they commit.That why he had the nervous laugh in the beginning of the interview.the only comment he said that was true according to the video is (yeah I saw things were going south to his partner) now look what you jerks ate facing in court you stupid boot soldier prick lol

  15. Parking your car at a motel to rent a room for the night is suspicious activity. This cop is lying his butt off. His story is not what I saw happen.

  16. Where's the big gas are not on your forehead it'll look all that beat up for taking a bag of soda cans and bottles to the face let me tell you something pal I've had 30 pound logs hit me in the head and not days me where shet if you're getting hit with that little bag in a soda can is pretty sad Id have laughed if you hit me with that

  17. So it wasn’t that big bad boy but the 9 year old girl that suckered this poor officer and almost killed him ! We are going to have to get her in MMA this is one tough mother fucking girl !

  18. The lying bastard force is strong with this one ! He takes direction well. No one could remember all this after receiving a head injury without a LOT of coaching !!!!.

  19. Let's wait and see the video nothing he said was true lying and lying and lying I guess you have to do that when your ass is toast

  20. This is the funniest phonyest shit I ever seen he in the hospital hurt this gonna go down as one of the cheapest police trick I ever seen he lying in the hospital from laughing so hard after badly after police brutality on a UNARMED not resisting citizen wow this is AMAZING what you do break a finger nail from holding that man down pull his shorts down so that your partner could tazed this man testicles YEAH RIGHT

  21. Punk ass Lindsey needs firing also, would love to have been the one swinging the bag, his punk lying ass would still be in a coma!

  22. Why would they except this fake ass cop, lying in a hospital, with nothing really wrong with him, if its, hes the most timid & softest man I've ever seen, and should never had been a cop. He faking like he's hurt, ti try to help cover up this excessive force case of this Police officer. If he let a little women have him laying up in the hospital like that, for getting hit with a purse, why is he a cop? And he's lying about the victim, saying he was resisting, when the victim never resisted, and the victim was just exercising his Rights. Which he was absolutely Right about. A passenger by Law, dosen't have to present ID on a traffic stop. These incompetent Police are killing & brutalizing so many Citizens, because these incompetent Police doesn't even know the Law. And Citizens are dying because these incompetent Police don't know the Law, that they suppose to be upholding. This shit is absolutely RIDICULOUS!!!!! ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS THAT SEEN THIS VIDEO, AND THEY SIDE WITH THE POLICE, SHOULD AUTOMATICALLY BE TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY!!!! BECAUSE IT SHOWS YOU HOW THEY THINK. AND THINKING THAT WAY WILL CAUSE A HELL OF A LOT MORE ASSAULTS & MURDERS ON INNOCENT CITIZENS. THIS IS A VIDEO THAT WILL LET YOU KNOW IF A PERSON SHOULD BE IN LAW ENFORCEMENT OR NOT. IF THEY THINK THIS OFFICER DID NOTHING WRONG & SHOULDN'T BE FIRED & INDICTED, THE THAT MEAN THEY HAS KNOW PLACE IN LAW ENFORCEMENT.

  23. @5:44. The interviewer tells the tasing cop that the most important thing is that he (the cop) is okay. Too bad the victim that was tased & tortured with his pants down around his knees didn’t get the same concern.

  24. One thing I have found, cops are being recorded most of the time, yet they still think what ever they say will be believed with no question. So many times I have recorded police dont ever expect they will be accountable for their abuse of power

  25. He never even saw the vehicle make a turn. He was in an alley. Even the reason for the stop was a lie.

  26. You had ZERO Reasons to even talk to him you punk sissy coward!!!! He's going to be a multi millionaire and your going to be in prison for civil rights violations!!!

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