Ode to the Hospital Tray [Nourish]

(curious music)
(machine beeping) – [Narrator] Take a close look. What do you see? A hospital tray? A platter for meatloaf and Jell-O? (Jell-O splatting) The butt of a joke? – So I was like, the only thing worse than airplane food is hospital food. (audience laughing) – [Narrator] Well, I see a platform. I see a way to nourish. A chance to provide comfort
three times per day. And a place to honor culture. (speaking in foreign language) – [Narrator] Do you see a
budget line of $7.43 a day? I see 500 million meals and a four billion dollar
opportunity to reduce food waste, to move the market
toward better production, to fight climate change. (water splashing) Do you still see a hospital tray? (clicking) We see a platform for the
future of food in healthcare. (crunching)

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