Ochsner Doctor’s Note: Medical 3D Lab – Korak Sarkar, MD

medical imaging like CT scans MRIs and
ultrasound are difficult and complex to understand by their nature now imagine
how difficult it would be for a patient or one of their loved ones to understand
this kind of information here at Ochsner’s medical 3D lab or M3D lab we’re using a
variety of technologies to make this information more accessible to
clinicians patients and their loved ones we’re using 3d printing or additive
manufacturing to build accurate 3d models from medical imaging we’re also
using something called mixed reality and mixed reality involves virtual reality
VR allows clinicians to explore anatomy and medical imaging in ways that they
can never have done before you can actually walk inside a chamber of a
heart and look for holes a second component of mixed reality is augmented
reality AR allows clinicians to bring these advanced visualization techniques
to the bedside before when I would try to explain medical imaging to my
patients I felt like they were even more confused now with these advanced
visualization techniques I feel like I can not only educate my patients but
empower them we’re developing 21st century tools to deliver 21st century
care the M3D lab allows the diverse array of clinicians and specialists here
at Ochsner to treat the most complicated pathologies and diagnose the most
difficult cases

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