My name is CA Kailash Mantry. I am a mental health consultant and a life
coach. From last 25 years, we have researched more
than 50 diseases where medical science is not successful in curing the illness like
OCD, schizophrenia, Anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, epilepsy, depression, insomnia,
drug addiction, alcoholic, migraine, arthritis, dyslexia, phobia, kidney failure, brain stroke,
stammering, autism, ADHD, learning disability and many more diseases where medicines do
not take a significant role to cure them. Today we will talk about one mental illness,
i.e. obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), in this disease, there are three words. Obsessive – obsessive means thinking about
one thought, i.e. one crack mind. Only one idea comes into your mind more than10times,
20times or 50times are compulsory. Compulsive factors uncontrolled, helpless
and have no choice where obsessive thoughts, and there is a compulsive behaviour. Thoughts mean thoughts, ideas, feelings these
all are of one category. When these thoughts and feelings occur, there
is compulsive behaviour in them which they regularly do. It may be behaviour or actions which they
periodically do. It is one of the mental illnesses which are
100% curable. On an average, how much the disease is old,
it will take maximum days to get a cure. More than 60% of patients, if it is 10yrs
old disease, it can be cured in 10months, and if it is 5yrs old disease, it can be a
cure in maximum 5months. More than 50% of patient we heal more than
60% in 50 days. The treatment ways are, in the first ten days
we call the patient and both the parents and this treatment is for three people. This disease only comes to them who is having
family disturbance or parent conflict, or there is a single parent or who is an alcoholic. Having some domestic violence or disorder
in a family is compulsory. One parent is always dominating, or one parent
or one parent is very fearful or very cautious. Parents always save their children in every
little thing and still make the child negative. Because of the condition of the child in childhood,
they get disturbed, and this disease occurs. There is another reason to have this disease
that the mother is working and does not give the attention towards the child and there
are disconnection and communication gap between mother and child. Now we will talk about the types of diseases
as some people always check their things frequently such as the lock has been appropriately closed
or not, gas has been off or not, a door has closed or not, every time they check their
things frequently , they do not have any trust in their work done. Some people are fear of germs and disease
that they take a bath regularly and keep washing their hands. The tub for more than 1 hours and wash their
hands again and again then to they do not have trust that their body has been clean
or my hands are clean. Some people collect those things which are
of no use like scrap papers, empty bottles, and they manage other things which are unwanted
is called as hoarders. It is one type of anxiety disorder. It always starts with fear, when nervousness
increases doubt occurs, when suspicion rises negative thinking occurs, excessive thinking,
suppressed anger, suicide thoughts. These people have primary illogical thinking,
disconnected from family, not much social life, not many friends. They take everything seriously, keep big secret
and do not open quickly with anyone. They have major frustration. They get upset on every small thing, and they
are a perfectionist in everything. They want every little thing systematically,
orderly and even a little bit something different then they get angry, disturbed and also argue. The marriage of such people is a guaranteed
failure. Such people have stress on the job. Some people have not been able to work regularly,
and some people work but those who have their productivity, they do not have a 50% performance
according to their capacity. No job satisfaction remains, and the boss
gets the satisfaction from them. About this, two or three myths are running
in the market, and all the people have assumed that this is a lie. The first lie is that it is a neurological
disorder, but it is not a neurological disorder. It is a psychological and emotional disorder
which is very deep and the second is there is a chemical imbalance which will not be
cured and can only control this is not a chemical imbalance. I would like to say about inequality that
if a person drinks (beer) or takes any drugs then there is a chemical imbalance in their
mind. The third is if you will not make medicine
then there is severe health or medicine is compulsory. My research says that if you take medication
or not take medicine this disease increases. The dose makes the person numb and alive for
a while, and the family member feels that he has been cure by taking medication. Medicines which are given to them if its side
effects are seen and if the parents understand then those medicines will not be given to
them. By providing drug, aggression, violence, the
suicidal tendency will decrease, but the medication is not the solution. If the parents eat those medicines, then this
solution will not be accepted by their children. I have a guaranteed treatment for this, and
the majority of patients are a cure in 1 year. There are some patients whose illness is very
old and whose parents also have a mental illness, the anxiety they take 2 to 3 years. But very few of them make more than one year
to get cured, and progress is visible in 10 days. All treatment is performed in front of the
parents, and in 10days it is so surprising that they are not convinced that anyone can
cure it. I do not
give any medicines but those who take medications they are stopped within 10days. In 10 days we remove all the fear of the parents. Now we will talk about the signs and symptoms
if family or we see it then it will be called as OCD. If a child having fear is more than necessary
than it is the first sign. If they are more negative approach, negative
thinking, excessive thinking, guilt, take more precautions, secretive, secretive, more
cautious, illogical thinking, if they are perfectionist means they want everything perfect,
if they want more time to take a bath, or wash their hands, again and again, these are
some symptoms of OCD patient. Such people still stuck in rituals; they are
very religious and keep moral values. These people believe in superstition, luck. Such people have a lot of fear if I have something
and do not go away if I want something and I will not get it. Such people speak the same thing repeatedly
and count the same thing four to five times, check the things four to five times. What kind of home remedies should such people
do so that the disease will not increase? This disease does not cure itself that’s
why such people will have to come to us. But if they follow some things and some talks
regularly, then this disease can prevent from growing. First, they have to do regular exercise for
1.1/2 or 2 hours. Second is they should have a good sleep for
7 to 9 hours. Such people should not take alcohol and drugs,
by making this they think of suicide. Such people should eat simple food, should
not take responsible work, there should not be such work where stress occurs. Such people should do as much as pranayama,
meditation, exercise through relaxation techniques from these they will feel better. The more you talk to the family, friends they
will feel better. Till now the ways of this treatment which
all are wrong, and there is no benefit to the patient. First is a medicine which is not useful. Second is a family therapy which is not exactly
right because their family member is negative, fearful and they make them more nervous and
negative. Third therapy is now a day’s recommended by
many of them which are commutative behaviour therapy, but as many patients come to me,
they do all those therapies and tell there is no benefit by this. There is another therapy where one OCD patient
meets another OCD patient and names as group therapy which is even worse. The fourth therapy which is recommended by
them for OCD patients they are not beneficial. Now we will talk about facts on OCD:
Ocd disease spreads too fast, and about 3% of the population is affected. If we think India’s population is 100 crore
than 3crore people are affected by OCD. Such people’s lives are too frustrated, and
they are too sad, fails in marriage life and if they have any child, then their children
also have a mental illness like autism, epilepsy, OCD, schizophrenia and any other disease but
90% of the disease comes in this. It is not a neurological disorder, but it
is a psychological and emotional disorder. Disconnection from the family, the condition
occurs. Such people don’t have a suitable concentration;
they have fewer friends, they sleep too less. Now we will talk about the reasons for this
disease: The primary purpose of this disease is fear,
doubt, i.e. lack of trust, lack of confidence, negative thinking, excessive thinking, seriousness,
perfection, regret, guilt, frustration, upset, infinity complex and there are much other
negativity which we remove one by one. For these, we have developed a new test that
is mind mapping. In this, there are 500 questions, and the
patient has to tick whichever problem they are having. The issues which are ticked by them, our work
is to remove the significant problem in 10 days and other small matters removed in next
one month, and all negativity clear away one by one. I would like to give some tips if your family
member or friends are having OCD then what should be and what should not do. Do not talk about the mistake of such people. Do not criticise them. Such people should never prove wrong like
you are wrong or you do not have to this. Such people should not stop when they do any
rituals. Such people should never scold. They should come with great patience and whisper. Such people who do routines and when they
speak repeatedly then you should not do any mimicries of what they say in front of them. You should talk positive and apparently with
them, there should not be an assumption. You should watch laughter movie, laughter
channel, and many other laughing talks which will make them feel better. Now we will talk about the complications which
are having OCD or mental illness in their further life. Such people tend to be very angry violent
or aggressive. They can try suicide or can hit them. The sex life of such people remains to disturbed. They also attract towards alcohol and drugs. They can also have depression or anxiety disorder. Health gradually gets worse, and they also
get stomach disorder, headache and acidity. They do not get proper sleep because of this
they can have another disease also. They do not have a good relationship and always
feel lonely. If marriage life still worsens, stressful,
frustrated, upset, and they are generally sad their life, and they feel helpless. They blame their parents for every reason. More than 40% of them have mildocd, and 60%
of them have severe OCD. If it
is mild OCD, then it can be cured within 44 to 50days. It is one type of anxiety disorder. I will say once again that medicine does not
take any role and the patient those who come here for the treatment and brings their dose,
admit that there is no benefit, but there is only benefit for family members, not for
the patient. They can be quiet for sometimes. They are alwaysdrunked, and their strength
disappears. Ocd is 100% curable. It takes time to get cured within one year. Such patient and their parents we take them
to our resort for minimum 10days where the treatment is for 10 to 15 hours. I use more than 50 therapies to cure them. And
they have to be very patient. Initially, the patient does not
cooperate and build the trust. But this is 100% curable. My name ca Kailash Mantry. I am a life coach and mental consultant, and
I live in Mumbai.

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