Occupational Therapy | See how we help people recover in hospital & prepare them for going home

At anytime you a family member or
someone you care about may be admitted to a hospital. Occupational therapists
can make the every day possible for patients. They help people regain their
independence while in hospital and prepare them for their return home. Working closely with doctors and other
members of a rehabilitation team occupational therapists help people
regain day-to-day function by creating splints to reduce pain and promote healing, teaching skills and providing equipment to help with everyday tasks like dressing or showering, assessing needs for wheelchairs and other mobility aids to increase independence providing counseling and therapy to aid
in coping with mental illness. When it comes time for leaving the hospital occupational therapists are vital for discharge planning. They meet with
patients and family listen to their concerns about managing at home, and then recommend changes for home safety modifications to ensure a successful
transition. Occupational therapy. Making the everyday possible. Visit our website today to learn more.

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