Occupational therapy For Hand, Shoulder, & Rotator Cuff Injuries after Traumatic Motorcycle Accident

Relax, good. Open and make a fist with everything, pull and open. Stop, and open go, go, go, go, go go, and relax. Everything now close. Squeeze, pull, pull, pull pinky come on pinky. Go, pull, and relax, good. And pull, and relax. Good. And you pull your fingers forward. Did you feel it? You do. Open, good. And pull, pull. You feel it? Go, go, go, go and relax. Go, go, go, go go and relax. Go, curl your ring finger too.Good. Go ahead and pull, pull, pull, pull. Go, pull, pull. Index finger curl. Go go go go go keep it curled, keep it curled. Just using your wrist to bring your wrist up, not your fingers to bring your wrist up. Good. Down.Then right back up. Up, up, up, up, up, good, hold it there, three, two one, shaking cause its weak.Down then come up again. Up, up, up, up, keep the pinky on come on correct the pinky, go curl it, curl it, good. Down a little, then up, good. Pull it, rest, keep your pinky on, index finger curled good. Don’t use your finger muscles to raise your wrist. Lift it up with the wrist good. Good, good, good. Push, push, push, push. Nice. Everyday! Oh, come on Monty. As far as the staff here, the therapist, I don’t think that I could have had a a more professional team to assist me of my rehabilitation. I’m so happy with Helen Hayes Hospital and the staff here and the therapists. If I may introduce New York state’s finest hand therapist Mrs. Bethel Marcus. Hi! Que numero uno!

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