Obstetrician Gynecologist: Ana Buck, MD

My name is Ana Buck. I am an obstetrician and gynecologist at Durham OB-GYN which
is a Duke affiliated practice. I get to see all women throughout
different stages of their life. I get to see the teenagers and
young women. Women who wanna get pregnant,
women who don’t wanna get pregnant. Women who are pregnant and
women who have had miscarriages. I see women for their annual exams. Women that have specific
gynecological problems. I have a special interest
in abnormal pap smears, and taking care of women who have
had an abnormal pap smear. Whether it’s doing a colposcopy or doing a LEEP procedure, or
doing conservative management. When patients are meeting me for the first time,
I would like to get a thorough history. Their medical history, their social
history, their family history and also learning more about why they’re here. What their particular problem is and
how it affects them, and what their expectations are for me. And then after finding out all of that,
and doing a full physical exam, trying to figure out the right
treatment option for them. I grew up in Mexico, I was born in Mexico,
I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. And I moved to the United States when
I was six years old with my family. I speak Spanish fluently and so I’m happy to see patients that speak
Spanish or don’t speak Spanish. I’m also a mother,
I have two small children and taking care of them is a great joy.

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