Obamacare causes Arkansas health clinic to close. Thanks Obama!

good the well it the ninth Street ministries clinic Inc a rule terrain in Arkansas will be
closing its doors at the end of this month because as they say their mission is
complete now that so many people are covered
under the Affordable Care Act the director at
the clinic Stacy browsers said the quote because people are qualifying
for insurance through the ACEA are free medical clinic well not
needed anymore she says we’ve gone from seeing around
300 people greater each month to reported eighty people in February and down to only three people in March
the director says that the clinic I’ll was in place to
serve the needs those who have no insurance or no way or have no means to acquire in
maintaining medical care she goes on to say that cool our
services will be needed anymore and this is this concludes our mission
arkansas has implemented Obamacare on their own terms however under a system that allows for
low-income residents to qualify for subsidies to buy private insurance plans on the
state’s markets so about 100,000 residents so far have been able to acquire coverage
through this particular system and the program has stayed earn track
training in Chile on early numbers indicate that over nine
million people so far in the country who previously uninsured in america has
been able to get new coverage cook under Obamacare however
unfortunately there is a bit about me said course red
states who refused implementer permits here
currently leaving approximately five million low-income uninsured Americans without
any access to any her hope your whatsoever
yes this is a this is a what’s funny about this is the won the source articles that we
looked at this talk about how arkansas’s wanna be a a hola mi pull up the quote here um wanna be
deeper deeply red states that worked with
former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to implement
Obamacare on its own terms burst of arkansas’s not a deeply
reinstate what sets arkansas apart from Alabama
and Mississippi which geographically and culturally are
probably the state’s caused us I’m is this blue streak we have that
they know a that’s why we’re the state that
produced bill clinton that’s why even know a lot of our national Republicans
are fairly modern now we’re in frozen the
Tea Party era like any other southern state is so now
is not a good time to look for examples of arkansas progressivism but traditionally although we lean red
on the national level locally and even on the state level
traditionally were much more blue then we are at I it’s just that the
traditional southern you’ll be in the southern democrat that
died of a lot of places it died a lot harder here it still alive and kicking I think make hopefully
making a resurgence in the next few election cycles um yeah but this is a men such excellent
story actually I have button Mina is a place that’s kinda
important to me I go there and hot every year I know people there they were
in our conference in soccer you know used to playing and high school grown up like so this is
this is an awesome story for me this is a a
rural town in arkansas close to the same size as the one I grew up in um and what I love about this story a is what it does to the whole conservative
narrative that big government programs create
dependency and the way to fix that is through you
know it through the free market and through
private charities or whatever and then they a they create this this straw man that the left just want
the government to do everything and you know yadda yadda yadda we hate the free
market we hate charitable giving and stuff like that well this is the clinic that ran as a
band-aid of charitable giving and ended feel for it fell it feel the need their
a course I need that was traded by the free market being allowed to deny people health insurance but thats in on either
here or there but what was also is big government stepped
in and fixed the problem and the band aid
was no longer needed and we went from this place probably
being overloaded and just want all the time underfunded
to having were eighty-something people a couple months ago and three people last month if you can
you gonna tell me that Obamacare is it working again I’m Obamacare was the least good option
a better option I’m not really a fan Obamacare but don’t tell me its its made things
worse you get you can criticize Obama care for
its flaws all day long and I will do it with you but don’t tell me it’s made things worse
because it clearly has and thank God this story would be a lot better if we
had covered %uh the private option battle in
arkansas and but we didn’t but just just know
this there there was an issue renewing it this year thankfully our legislature got its head
out you know what and renewed it and that’s why these
people have health care now and in that as an example love a
southern progressivism in action we said all right we have a
problem government-run healthcare will at least let you get subsidize poor
people’s health care so they can go buy it and get it you know and keep the market
and wealthy area Dr I’m and hey it’s working fantastically so also I’m glad you know normally when you
say a free health clinic had a close you mean you think own oh those poor people but here it’s
because they were out of people to help so that’s that’s amazing meant that
praise God and way to go Obamacare in you but a couple
good points I mean really thats a make it to me to think
about how bad it was before Obamacare and one thing I noticed chill and when I can add to it is is in the
Obamacare fight speaking at the Republican the
conservative narrative is a everybody who’s been railing against Obamacare for the most part these were
people that were already insured before Obamacare so to them insurance
this this lack of coverage this insurance
issue not a problem I’m not mine what the fuck you messin
with it right and well the answer is of course we had
to mess with it simply because according to the article
21 percent in this county had no insurance and had reliance free
clinic another no longer have to now it was great that even before Obama
you’re somebody came in and fill this need an conservatives of course had jumped
with would jump in and say well the free market did did take care of it before got Obamacare
they would be specifically right about this case but and with that as with anything they tend to leave out the many other
places where the insured were not lucky enough to have one of these awesome free clinics and they forget
that millions of people had no access to health care and of
course they also forget but a lot of people died because of it
and so I think that that’s those are some very important points
that I wanted to have his more mean like speaking of Canada consented
narrative if any concerted news outlet picks up the
story and because it is a good news story in a
broad its good be it that is happy closed and because
they’re not and getting any business because they dont get that’s good the should consented narrative this
story I’d imagine it be look Obamacare is closed down this
discussed this health clinic is cool costing people their jobs is gonna
economy that way the century if you work to eke they no
longer have a job work net and no doubt that party
workings some other and Catholic Healthcare some house in
the industry but that’s what the concert is it gonna
say they can say look at all these chance we’ll in a critical chance for health plans in
Cle called private health clinics league all the songs
closing down the jobs Obamacare costing that’s what they gonna
be saying and yes piss weak argument yes because if there’s any field that
you can’t find a job in right now its health care yeah I mean bit that’s
the thing it’s such a piss regarding and this is it is the love kinda the concert narrative on a number
of stories they have such also arguments did his that’s all they
can come up with a can’t come up with any strong night because the policies i soo lot of other policies and argues
that progresses ans in some cases democrats opposing
fluid like Obamacare they are working they are
popular they are good for the country good for
the people of the country and that’s why the concert narrative is
so all they have to try and find something and something that they are finding and
just so nothing anyway that that’s a good point in you know a lot of the what
conservative narrative it just means they’ve run out of ideas
Obamacare was their idea and they should be proud the people who
work with thought this up secretly gotta save the date in a
politically they have to be dense to be gotta think that you know that they did
actually care about people and actually you know because I’m sure
some of them actually do they can show and obviously not
everybody in the conservative movement I’d like to think buys are all bullshit
right they just have to just politically
expedient but I would like to think that some other people that came up with this reelect you know what it does work and it was a good idea well I mean thing
is if you ask the number of concert is saying obviously 10 ISE you don’t want these
people come to rely on private charitable organization and talent to basic if hand that is
people data healthcare 100 people we tend turning up
this clinic what would you do to help solve this
problem that you’ve got recognizes the problem what would you do
to help solve it and how would that solution the any
better than Obamacare never nothing they’re completely
bankrupt on ideas when it comes to health care because lost Obama k the perfect in the
number of laws a bit and students said is not making the
situation worse worse and in so many anecdotal cases and in the months to come there will be
kinda great number statistical studies showing that is benefiting millions of
people most economically and on a Mac Christiaan a microscale for
individual families it’s gonna be helping people and the Republican Party conservatives
have just they haven’t got a leg to stand on. they
have completely lost the health care debate they’ll have nothing getting food
into 2016 election unless then somehow came came without the individual I don’t know
what they have to come up with did cut to trial they can’t come up with
anything because the exact ideas they came up with were
using exactly they’ve got they’ve got nothing
in this story just is an have another one in a whole chain stories showing that yet Obamacare’s
working is not is not working amazingly is still
working in a good sense now and let let me jump in your words
inside baseball a and the tuning that you hear is my
collective arkansan horn I what this stories like this and the
success of the private option week no vaguely mention um babe may be the launching point for a a change of opinion a shift in opinion
in these red states arkansas may Cano be the first in a tide a but you know pro Obamacare sentiment because for better or worse when
something is good for arkansans we get behind it and you cannot stop us
now allowed to have that button it yeah it does turn out great for
everybody else a you see Walmart but um but the only way that they can prevent that
then end there’s a chance they might do this is
to to is brilliant as they be the big money but you know against
Obamacare is is to to deflect credit and you saw you
know what were the during the town halls in that one lady
was like nah I want the government to stay outta my medicare earlier in a light like it’s so easy to
get people to blame the government for what the government had nothing to
do with in to give credit you know for things that are happening
to other people whatever the government did and so if arkansas does it become the place where Obamacare you know turns
a corner it’ll be because they manage to do that
I’m certainly not trying to consult for the other side here but if they don’t do that that and watch
out makers arkansas change the cell

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  1. What are they complaining about! That should be a good thing. I work in the prison system. If say, we finally got rid of crime, then wouldn't that be a positive. If you can give every American health coverage, then that should be a time to rejoice. I understand that it may be their source of employment, but sacrifices have to be made for the greater good. 

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