OB/GYN Dr. Kiila Johnson On Providing Prenatal Care | Kaiser Permanente

>>Dr. Kiila Johnson
– My name’s Kiila Johnson and
I work for Kaiser Permanente as an obstetrician gynecologist. One of the things that attracted
me to Kaiser Permanente is the integrated care model that we use. What I have found over and over is that once they get in the system patients just comment,
this is just so easy to access healthcare. They’re not having to search around what specialist takes
their insurance plan. Where can they go to
get their X-rays done. Where can they pick up
their prescriptions. They come to a Kaiser Permanente center and they can get it all
done in one location. Which I think, for ease
of use is very helpful for our patients. Kaiser Permanente offers
something very unique for our high-risk pregnant patients. That’s called the Perinatal Service Center. It connects a patient with
the same nurse who follows them throughout their entire
pregnancy to make sure that that woman has
everything to really set up for a healthy pregnancy,
delivery, and post-partum period. Ideally, most pregnant
women would like to have a vaginal delivery. We know that vaginal deliveries are safer for the baby, as well as the mother. And offers a much faster recovery. One of the things we’re
really proud of amongst the obstetricians with Kaiser Permanente is that we have one of the
lower C-section rates amongst others in this region. We offer genetic screening
which can tell a woman if her baby is at an
increased risk of having a genetic abnormality. So if that’s detected intrauterine it can allow us to have
the appropriate specialist available at the time of delivery and provide a seamless
transition of the care of the newborn baby. The most special thing
for me is to see the look on that mother and father’s face when I hand them their slimy
baby for the first time. It’s something that I certainly
don’t take for granted. It truly never gets old. (gentle music)

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