Nursing Recruitment at St. Lucie Medical Center

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] St. Lucie Medical Center is a 229 bed acute-care hospital that has been proudly
serving the residents of the Treasure Coast since 1983. The Treasure Coast, located
just north of Palm Beach on Florida’s east coast, is comprised of Indian River,
St. Lucie and Martin counties. The discovery of treasure from the 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet, is how the area earned its name. The combined efforts of more
than 350 skilled physicians and more than 800 dedicated employees have resulted in one of
the most comprehensive healthcare facilities in Port St. Lucie. – The staff and physicians
at St. Lucie Medical Center are extremely passionate about
providing exceptional care to our patients and their families. In fact, we start each day
by rounding on each patient to make sure that we’re
meeting their needs and expectations. – [Narrator] St. Lucie Medical Center offers a full range of services that include a birthing
center, cancer care, cardiac catheterization lab, as well as other minimally
invasive techniques, digital mammography, general
and vascular surgery, and wound care, as well as hyperbarics. Additionally, St. Lucie Medical Center is home to the only senior-friendly ER and Orthopedic and Spine Institute. – As far as the areas that really set St. Lucie Medical Center apart are our Orthopedic and Spine Institute. We do more than a thousand
joints every year, it’s more joints that almost any hospital on the east coast of Florida. We developed in 2009 a
special orthopedic unit that is designed like a hotel spa, and we have 16 board-certified
orthopedic and spine surgeons that practice at our hospital. That’s what we’re really know for. – [Narrator] St. Lucie Medical Center is also the area’s only chest
pain accredited facility. – The other things I would
say, we have a very busy ER. We recently added a second ER,
which is our freestanding ER out at Darwin Square, about
eight miles from here, and a very busy operating room. In addition, the typical 18-bed
ICU progressive care units, we do have a 22 bed psych unit that we added about six years ago, and we have a fantastic OB program. – [Narrator] If you’re
looking to join a team of dedicated healthcare professionals that put patients first, you’ve come to the right place. – Yeah, I think one of the reasons why a nurse would want to come here is because of the technology we have, as well as our culture. We have a very caring
culture here at St. Lucie, it’s very engaging, and even
though we’re a 229 bed hospital we feel like a family. – One thing I love about
St. Lucie is the mission that we provide for the patients, that we really do what we
say, is really what we do. We really take care of the
patients with integrity and making sure that they
have the best care possible with the safest care possible. – [Narrator] At St.
Lucie, we strongly believe in providing our employees with career-advancing opportunities. – We have a lot of
opportunities for advancement, not just in the clinical areas but also somebody wants to be a preceptor, and we will send you to a
workshop to gain those skills. We have a very structured program to help you develop those skills. And then we have somebody who might say, “I’m interested in being a charge nurse.” We have people who have
started here as a tech, in nursing school, a
staff nurse, a preceptor, relief charge, patient care coordinator, even a nursing director. Working here at St. Lucie
Medical Center is a joy for me. It works for my family, and when I’m here, I come to work, the staff is
great, it’s like a family here. You feel at home, you
always have the support, the help you need, the resource you need. It’s just a great place to work. – I was a newly graduated nurse
when I started working here. They were very welcoming to a new nurse. I’ve learned a lot since I’ve been here. People are very warm and welcoming. – [Narrator] St. Lucie
Medical Center is part of HCA, the largest private operator of healthcare facilities in the world. HCA is committed to the care
and improvement of human life and strives to deliver
the highest quality, cost-effective healthcare
in the communities we serve. – The feeling I feel
when I do work my shifts, that we work as a team. And we’ll be there for one another to make sure that the patient is cared for in the most safe way, and that the best way to be as successful in the recovery as well. – And there are really two
things that we’re looking at, and I refer to it as the art
and the science of nursing. So we’re looking to see
what’s your background, what’s your clinical,
what’s your experience, although we welcome new grads. But the thing that is even
more important to us is we call the fit. Are you going to put the patients first and deliver patient-centered
care, including the family? (waves crashing) – [Narrator] When it comes
to the quality of life outside our hospital walls, then we think you’ll be quite pleased with all the Treasure Coast has to offer. – [William] It is the Sunshine State. I enjoy boating, fishing,
and there’s golfing. There’s pretty much
everything to do out here. – [Narrator] It’s our
values and the people that gives us an edge
over the competition. – [Tara] So we’re one
of the best hospitals on the Treasure Coast, I love working here, and
you will not regret working for St. Lucie Medical Center. – [Jim] They’ll be able to have a great opportunity for growth and development within the department or the career field that they choose to. – [Tara] I really do love working here and I love seeing the patients
and educating them on their process. – [Narrator] We look forward to having like-minded healthcare
professionals be part of our team. (piano music)

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